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Chin Correction Surgery

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An Introduction

The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia with or without sedation or general anesthesia and takes 2-3 hours depending on the plan of the surgery & your requirement form Genioplasty. You can go home on the same day or on the second day of your surgery. It takes 4-6 weeks to completely resolve the swelling and resume exercise & other strenuous activities

Chin Correction Surgery (Genioplasty)

(Also referred as Chin Augmentation, Chin Correction, Chin Sculpting, or Chin Implant)

Well defined facial features are the most important traits of physical beauty. Visible contours and natural angles that are proportionate all create balance in your face and a more attractive appearance. Facial aesthetics is based on proportions and a balance between the forehead, nose and chin such as the ‘Rule of thirds’‘. The chin therefore plays an important part in the facial equation.

It has been considered for centuries that these facial features like a strong appealing chin provide perfect balance and distinction to one’s look. Chin Augmentation (Genioplasty/Mentoplasty) is surgical procedures designed to provide a more vibrant and attractive look of distinction as it can bring balance and better proportion to the structural appearance of your face. It defines your face by increasing projection and creating more distinct features.. While any area of your face can be augmented with cosmetic surgery, the chin and jaw are the most common sites for augmentation. Combining chin enhancement with cosmetic nose surgery may provide the ideal solution to perfecting one’s profile while maintaining proper relationship between facial structures.

Are you a good candidate for Aesthetic Chin Surgery?

The success and safety of the procedure depends very much on your complete candidness during your consultation. There is customized solution for each patient as per their expectations. The doctor will discuss your concerns about your face, your expectations and explain probable outcomes of the procedure. If you are bothered by a small chin, weak jaw or lack of facial contour, plastic surgery with facial enhancement may benefit you. For the individual with a relatively short neck or unnatural bulge below the chin (sub-mental fat), chin enhancement can provide the illusion of a longer neck and reduction of sub-mental bulge, thereby improve one’s profile. If the structure of your face is disproportionate- such as the chin is recessed— it can significantly affect your self-image. In particular, a “weak” chin on a Man may feminize the face and may even unjustifiably carry negative psychological overtones about his character. For the female, a weak chin may make a prominent nose appear even more so and looks like a bird’s face.

The procedure can also benefit those with asymmetries or congenital defects. Plastic surgery on facial bones or with facial implants is best performed on people whose head and skull have reached physical maturity, which generally occurs in late adolescence (after 17-18 years of age). Before taking any decision about your surgery, ask your surgeon if there are additional procedures that may enhance the effects of your face. Chin and cheek augmentation can be an adjunctive procedure and can often accompany a rhinoplasty or a nose job.

The Procedure

Chin augmentation is the commonest chin enhancement procedure performed on chin. For a Chin Augmentation, the incisions are made inside your mouth so there will be no visible ugly scars. In Sliding Chin Genioplasty, Sliding your bony chin along with adding or subtracting bone from the chin region to either increase or decrease the facial height or projection is a better option for chin enhancement. The bony parts are secured with titanium plates and screws.

This can also be done using an US FDA approved implant, usually made of medical grade silicone or ‘goretex’ – PTFE or Porex or Biopore. These can be placed over the chin point from inside of the mouth, so no visible scars. Or it can be placed through a facial approach under the chin region. The resultant scar in the mentum area is small and fades with time.

Quick Fact- Genioplasty Vs. Chin Implant: Sliding Chin Genioplasty is considered a better option for chin enhancement than implant because it simultaneously improves submental bulge and there is no chance of long term side effects of implant in it.

While one has to be on a soft or semi solid diet with the intra-oral approach dietary restrictions are less rigid with the facial approach. A facial dressing will be in place for a period of 3-5 days to support the position of reshaped bone or implant. Choice of anesthesia include local with or without sedation or general anesthesia. The standard risks of surgery not limited to and including chances of bleeding, bruising, numbness of lip and chin region (temporary or transient), post – op pain and swelling is to be expected.

Your Recovery

When your procedure is finished, bandages or dressings may be applied to keep the surgical site clean and to support the position of the reshaped bone or implant during initial healing. There will be some initial swelling around your chin area which will subside in a week or two. Preoperatively cessation of smoking and use of alcohol recommended for 2 – 3 weeks. Postoperatively must follow the same as well as avoid any strenuous activity, gym workout and any contact sports for a period of 4-weeks. Post operative medications will include a short course of antibiotics and pain pills as and when needed. You can resume light activity on the day of surgery and would be able to return to work and your usual activities within 5 – 7 days.

You will be given specific instructions to follow during your recovery from Surgery as: How to care for the surgical site, medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection, mouth gargles, specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general health, and when to follow up with the plastic surgeon.

Expected Results

The results of the Genioplasty / Chin Augmentation surgery are immediate and lasting for whole life as it is a permanent way to achieve a strong appealing chin. The overall results can be appreciated after approx six weeks to six months

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