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Daddy Makeover Surgery

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An Introduction

As the male body ages, certain areas can become more susceptible to fat accumulation. Areas such as the abdomen, flanks (love handles), under-chin and chest may begin to harbor fat and make you look older. Moreover, weight gain and fluctuations can cause the skin to become stretched, particularly in the middle years when the skin starts to lose its elasticity. Unfortunately, even if the weight is shed, the skin will not return to a taut state. Much like the skin of a post-pregnancy body, a man’s skin can hang loosely after weight loss, creating an unshapely effect. The stress to balance family and work together causes facial wrinkles that make you look older and tired. All of this can lead to a decline in men’s appearances, which can cause fathers to have self-esteem issues.
A Daddy Makeover and healthy lifestyle can help re-establish a more pleasing contour.

What is a Daddy Makeover?

Dr. R. K. Mishra specializes in the transformative Daddy Makeover, performing gynecomastia surgery (breast reduction), liposuction, six-pack abs formation and tummy tucks to enhance and rejuvenate the male body. He has helped patients achieve a more sculpted and defined body. He performs a range of surgical techniques, customizing his Daddy Makeover approach to the individual. The main procedures are-

Gynecomastia Surgery (Male Breast Reduction) :This surgery addresses excess fat and glands in the chest, helps to regain a flat chest. The most common problems in men with gynecomastia are not only physical but the psychological impacts due to unaesthetic appearance also affect the mental peace and confidence of men. This surgery can help men to get rid of all those issues.

Liposuction : This is fat removal procedure can be performed on different areas of the body. Often used to sculpt the abdomen and reduce love handles, it can also be used to address excess chin fat. Recovery time depends greatly on the area being treated and the extent of fat removal. Results can be long-lasting if you maintain a healthy life-style.

Abs Etching or 6-Packs Abs :Abs Etching is quite popular these days. Well defined six pack abs has long been a sign of masculinity, but despite rigorous diet and exercise, this ideal eludes many men. Abdominal etching takes liposuction to the next level as it involves an advance level of detailing and distinction to the abdomen that gets you six-pack or washboard stomach. With abs etching, your stomach can appear tighter, firmer and more muscular making you look fit and active.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) :A tummy tuck is a surgery that tightens and repositions the underlying tissues in the abdominal region, reduces fat and trims excess skin. This option is excellent for those who have lost muscle definition and have loose skin.

Blepharoplassty :A Blepharoplasty is aimed to reduce under-eye “bags” and tighten sagging upper eyelid skin to give you much younger and fresher appearance.

Hair Transplant :Hair loss and baldness are often unexpected and unwanted part of life. Fortunately, with recent advances in technology, hair loss can be slowed or stopped. Hair transplant is an effective, permanent solution for getting rid of baldness and replacing hair for men.

Your Recovery

Almost all of these procedures are performed on day care basis, so you don’t need to stay at the hospital to get the athletic figure. These procedures are so simple that it takes not more than 1-2 hours to perform them and after 5-6 hours of rest, people are allowed to go home on the very same day and return to your routine activities right from the next day.

Are you a good candidate for Daddy Makeover?

Men usually neglect their health and physical appearance usually due to job & family responsibilities. There was probably a time when your energy was dedicated to running around and picking up kids with balancing the demands of job responsibilities to achieve a status in life. As soon as you become as responsible dad, you also begin to see the impact of life on your body. This is the age when they know what they want, and it is often the desire to regain their attractive, youthful face & slim-fit body. Now might be the time to clean up your “problem areas” and focus just on you with the help of cosmetic surgery procedures that are designed to improve the way you look and feel about yourself. In order to maintain a youthful appearance, Daddy Makeover offers a handful of procedures that men and women regularly turn to. It can be helpful to those men too have never been fathers, but face the same age related body issues.

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