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Calf and Gluteal Augmentation

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An Introduction

People are turning to the use of specially designed implants to achieve shape and definition when genetics or other conditions prevent them from attaining the physical appearance they desire. The use of Gluteal or Calf Implants, is an option which are used to add size and shape to their physique when the traditional methods of weight-lifting, exercise and cannot produce the desired results. For those whose genetics prevent the desired growths, implants are the frequently the only way to add the desired body contour. Surgery under these circumstances produce not only the physical enhancement but also emotional improvement.

Calf Implants

Calf implants are used to create the impression of greater definition and contour in the lower leg area. The addition of a calf implant will add width & fullness rather than length to the calf area. They are sometimes used to reduce the appearance of bow-leggedness and tibial torsion, which is a twisting below the knees, or to correct an asymmetry that was a result of a congenital deformity or polio.

The Procedure

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia & takes approx 2-hours. An incision is made below the crease behind the knee. In this position any scar that remains after the surgery most likely will be well concealed; however, the scar will be visible to someone who looks for it. The implant is inserted, and the incision is closed with sutures. Compression stockings are worn for two to three weeks after surgery. Calf implants mimic the natural shape of the calf muscle. It is made of solid very soft pliable silicone-based material. It is uniquely lozenge-shaped and anatomically correct.

Are you a good candidate for Calf Implant Surgery?

If you feel that your calf is underdeveloped or looking thin as compared to your other body parts, and you want to be more confident in public bare legged, you can be a good candidate for calf implant. The calf implants can also be used to treat several patients born with club-foot deformity. The procedure is performed for better symmetry in both legs.

Gluteal Enhancement or Implants

Sometimes called a buttock enlargement, butt implant, or gluteal implant, a buttock augmentation can be performed using an implant or fat transfer/fat grafting. Usually, those women don’t have enough bodily fat to spare for a butt enhancement for fat grafting or fat transfer, an implant is a good choice to consider. In order to achieve a curvier bottoms, many individuals choose to undergo buttock implant surgery. The procedure is fairly straightforward and involves placing a single scar under the butt that becomes so well-hidden after healing.

Are you a good candidate for Gluteal Implant Surgery?

You may be a good candidate for Gluteal Implant Procedure if you wish to have a fuller, rounder bottom and fantasize about having an hourglass figure. If you feel your buttocks are too small, too flat, or out of proportion with the rest of your body because of any deformity or injury, Buttock Augmentation can reshape your figure.

The Procedure

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes 2-3 hours to be performed. There are variables, such as size, shape, and skin quality, that need to be considered before making any determinations about which buttock augmentation procedure & technique is best for you. Usually the most common technique involves placing the implants into each buttock through an incision hidden over the tailbone. Then incisions are closed and bandages will be placed.

Your Recovery

After the procedure, you will need to wear a support garment for approximately 2-3 months. This will help the skin redrape properly and provide support to the augmented buttocks or hips. Final results are noticeable three months after surgery. At this point, most of the swelling will be gone and the implants will be settled in their normal position.

Expected Results

The results are immediate, however, as there will be some swelling. You will gradually see your true results emerge over time. It can take 6-months to an year to see your final result.

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