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Payment Terms and Conditions


Our Privacy is Important to us

The Terms & Conditions contained herein shall apply to any person (“User”) for making payments through online payment gateway service offered jointly by ICICI Bank Ltd and Payment Gateway Service provider, through Dr. R. K. Mishra’s website i.e. www.MyCosmeticSurgery.in for availing the plastic/cosmetic surgical services of Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd (Sushrut Institute of Plastic Surgery Private Limited). Each User therein deemed to have read and accepted these Terms & Conditions.

General Terms and Conditions for Online Payments.

Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd ’s rights, obligations undertakings shall be subject to the laws in force in India, as well as any directives/procedures of Government of India, and nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions shall be in derogation of Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd or his team/hospital’ right to comply with any law enforcement agencies request or requirements relating to any User’s use of the website or information provided to or gathered by Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd with respect to such use. Each user accepts and agrees that the provision of details his/her use of the website to regulators or police or to any other third party in order to resolve disputes or complaints which relate to the website shall be at the absolute discretion of Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd.

Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd shall not be liable for any inaccuracy, error or delay in, or omission of any data or message, or the transmission or delivery of any such data, information or message or any loss or damage arising from or occasioned by any such inaccuracy, error, delay or omission, non-performance or interruption in any such data, information or message.

The User also agrees, understands and confirms that his/her personal data including without limitation details relating to debit cards/credit cards/net banking transmitted over the internet may be susceptible to misuse, hacking, theft and/or fraud and that Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd or his team has no control over such matters.

Server Slow Down/Session Timeout: In case the website or payment service provider’s webpage (that is linked to Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd’s Website) is experiencing any server related issues like ‘slowdown’ or ‘failure’ or ‘session timeout’, the User shall, before initiating the second payment attempt, check whether his/her Bank Account has been debited or not and accordingly resort to one of the following options:

Debit / Credit Card, Bank Account Details

The User agrees that the debit/credit card details provided by him/her for use of the aforesaid service(s) must be correct and accurate and that the User shall not use a debit/credit card that is not lawfully owned by him/her of which is not authorized by the lawful owner thereof. The user further agrees and undertakes to provide correct and valid debit/credit card details.

The User may make payment for his/her surgery cost using debit/credit card or through online banking account. The user warrants, agrees and confirms that when he/she initiates payment transaction and/or issues an online payment instruction and provides his/her details:


All payment details which are entered through this payment gateway are encrypted when the User, or third party making payment, enters them. Communications to and from the Service Provider’s site are encrypted. Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd shall not be liable for any failure by the User or third party making payment to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such persons, during the online payment process or in respect of any omission to provide accurate information in the course of the online payment process.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS PvtLtd & his entire team respect and protect the privacy of the individuals that access the information and use the services provided through them. Individually identifiable information about the User is not wilfully disclosed to an third party without user’s permission/consent, as covered in this Privacy Policy.

Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS PvtLtd’s website does not collect any unique information about the user (such as User’s name, email address, age, gender etc) except when the User specifically and knowingly provides such information on the website. Please be aware, however, that Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd reserves the right to release specified personal information about the User if required to do so in the following circumstances:

Refund & Claims

Payment Refund and Cancellation Policy
Before 10 day or earlier 4-9 days prior to surgery day Within or less than 3 days(72 hours)
Postponement 100 % Carry Forward (except for the transaction charges) 5% Deduction of the total package cost* 10% Deduction of the total package cost*
Cancellation 100% Refund (except for the transaction charges) 10% Deduction of the total package cost 25% Deduction of the total package cost

*In case of postponement, the next desired date should exist within upcoming 3 months from the date of postponement; Otherwise 10%-25% deduction shall be made respectively in amount carried forward as penalty.

Note- The reference amount for all deductions/refunds will be the total package cost of surgery, and not only any part of it (such as the part deposited as advance). For example, if you deposited only 25% of the surgery cost to block the date and want to cancel the surgery within 3 days of blocked surgery date, then the deposited 25% will be deducted and no refund will be applicable.

In the event there is any claim for/of refund by the User for any reason whatsoever, such User shall immediately approach Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd with his/her claim details through his email ID or phone number whichever medium of contact provided and claim refund from Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd alone. Such refund (if any) shall effect only by Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd via payment gateway or by means of debit/credit cards or such other means as Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd deems appropriate.

A 25% advance payment (25% of total package cost) must be submitted/paid to Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd to block the Operation Theatre(s) for the desired surgery/surgeries on requested date(s). The total package cost shall be considered reference value for any deductions, penalty charges and/or refund, and not only the partial advance or any parts of it.

Postponement :

Postponement :

Refund, if applicable, at the discretion of the Management, will only be made to the debit/credit card or through online bank account used for the original transaction. For the avoidance of doubt nothing in this policy shall required Dr. R. K. Mishra/SIPS Pvt Ltd to refund the payment (or part thereof) unless such fee (or part thereof) has previously been paid.