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April 29, 2022

Maan Singh

It was an adventure to me & hence, I want to share my experience:

– Signing the consent made me nervous at first because having the surgery was my individual decision but Dr. Mishra’s staff explained every pros & cons and answered all my doubts related to the consent. Thanks for making me confident about this procedure, it was great help.

-Whole procedure was an adventure, those lights of Operatio theatre and how I was being perpared for surgery. Mose amazing thing was anesthesia, and how it created the time lapse. Simply amazing. I was able to feel my pulse and beats that time. Goosebumps!

-Most important thing, I’m thankful to Dr. R. K. Mishra for his apprach, for how he dealt with my problem. Thank you sir! I’m out of words to express my gratitude. Feeling free.

-Last but not the least, thank you to hospital staffs. Environment is very hospitable & caring.