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April 29, 2022


Sliding genioplasty by doctor R.K Mishra.

I had a receding chin and was insecure about it my whole life. I researched about my issue over the internet and found that it could be fixed so I started consulting with several plastic surgeons online. I came across the website of Dr. R. K. Mishra and was impressed with the detailed information. I contacted him thorugh emaila and his reponses were always very quick, I really appreciate that. I booked a date for my in-person consultation and then surgery, I then went-in to meet him with my parents and it was pretty quick too but very genuine, he told us what exactly I needed to improve my chin unlike other consultations. I went ahead with surgery and its more than 6 months now. My journey was amazing, the result is as I expected and looks totally natural. Nobody can tell that I had a surgery but they say that I look different in better way. The experience has been really smooth, everyone was very helpful and kind. Thanks to Dr. Mishra and his team.
You are definitely the best in your field. 🙂