Hi All! My name is Angela.

I would love to share my experience while I was at Lucknow! I had come down to India from Bangkok sometime in April 2014, for getting my Sex Reassignment Surgery (Male to Female). I had decided to get my surgery done in India and I came across SIPS online, and immediately felt an unexplained connection. I was so excited and had been communicating to DR. R.K. Mishra through EMails and I felt so very comfortable already! However, once I reached, I was a bit scared about how it will all go, but, after an appointment with him, I was convinced that it will be a smooth process, and that I was lucky to have such an understanding and patient doctor! I felt very relaxed on the day of my surgery, and I woke up in the recovery room, post surgery.The care and hospitality I’d be given, while at the hospital was absolutely wonderful, and I would recommend SIPS to anybody who seeks any kind of cosmetic surgery/treatment. Although it is now almost 2 Months Post Op, I still consult Dr. Mishra and he is as helpful as always! I’d like to thank Dr. R.K. Mishra and his team for the services provided. I recommend SIPS and especially Dr. R.K. Mishra to everybody, and I’m sure the world will be a healthier, better place to live in. **** Good Wishes to Dr. R.K. Mishra and his Team at SIPS.



I am very much thankful to Dr. R. K. Mishra and his superb team for wonderful job they are doing in Lucknow at SIPS Hospital.



The staffs are cooperative, services here are better than what I expected and also at a reasonable cost. The premise is clean that I think is most important for such a state of art hospital. I am very satisfied with the results and services.



First of all, we are very thankful to Dr. Mishra and his staff members. The work is done very sincerely in my case and I feel relaxed after my surgery.


T. S.

My Dear Doctor Mishra,

During first month of my recovery from genioplasty (chin enhancement), I impatiently asked you to reverse the surgery as I didn’t like my swollen chin but you consoled me and counselled me to wait for two months atleast to subside the swelling and see the actual results. I thank God that I followed your advice! I now have healed completely, and  i am sorry that I bothered you, didn’t trust you. I thank you for making me beautiful. Now I am a happy girl so I thank you and wish you all the best in life. Your are real dotor.



I had gynocamastia correction and chose Dr Mishra due to his trans-nipple scarless technique. I thought about the surgery for a long time but was concerned people would notice scars which would be as humilating as just having the gyno. Dr Mishra delivered beyond what I expected. I have absolutely no marks whatsoever from the operation as he did liposuction from the armpits area on my request and got it done for literally 1/6 of the cost of having it done in Australia. He has been incredibly caring and helpful before and after and I can not recommend him highly enough. I want to write more but honestly I think it may sounded fake if I sung your praise as highly as I want to.



I didn’t get the chance to thank you enough after my cosmetic surgery and shake your hands once again for all the effort you have placed into this procedure trying to give me my life back and a new start 🙂 So Thank you deeply thoroughly from the bottom of my heart!


Dr. Sa***ni

I’m so happy about the outcome of my Mastectomy (SRS-FTM) and my nipple grafts are perfect. Thank you so much Dr. Mishra.


Maan Singh

It was an adventure to me & hence, I want to share my experience:

– Signing the consent made me nervous at first because having the surgery was my individual decision but Dr. Mishra’s staff explained every pros & cons and answered all my doubts related to the consent. Thanks for making me confident about this procedure, it was great help.

-Whole procedure was an adventure, those lights of Operatio theatre and how I was being perpared for surgery. Mose amazing thing was anesthesia, and how it created the time lapse. Simply amazing. I was able to feel my pulse and beats that time. Goosebumps!

-Most important thing, I’m thankful to Dr. R. K. Mishra for his apprach, for how he dealt with my problem. Thank you sir! I’m out of words to express my gratitude. Feeling free.

-Last but not the least, thank you to hospital staffs. Environment is very hospitable & caring.



Sliding genioplasty by doctor R.K Mishra.

I had a receding chin and was insecure about it my whole life. I researched about my issue over the internet and found that it could be fixed so I started consulting with several plastic surgeons online. I came across the website of Dr. R. K. Mishra and was impressed with the detailed information. I contacted him thorugh emaila and his reponses were always very quick, I really appreciate that. I booked a date for my in-person consultation and then surgery, I then went-in to meet him with my parents and it was pretty quick too but very genuine, he told us what exactly I needed to improve my chin unlike other consultations. I went ahead with surgery and its more than 6 months now. My journey was amazing, the result is as I expected and looks totally natural. Nobody can tell that I had a surgery but they say that I look different in better way. The experience has been really smooth, everyone was very helpful and kind. Thanks to Dr. Mishra and his team.
You are definitely the best in your field. 🙂