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Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Get

Below is given a comprehensive list of all rates that hold good at our centre. We abide by these rates and there are absolutely no other hidden charges. If any procedure is not mentioned within this list, you may ask us through email or call for the same. Please note that it’s a package rate and meant to include almost all the expenses incurred during the said Cosmetic/Aesthetic Surgery (like surgeon’s charges, anesthetist charges, O.T. charges, and 3 months' follow-up charges etc). Please see the detailed description at the end of this page.


Account Holder’s Name - Sushrut Institute Of Plastic Surgery Private Limited
Account Number -  032505005993
Bank Name - ICICI Bank
Branch - Hazratganj Lucknow Branch, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, PIN : 226001 INDIA
IFSC Code - ICIC0006281
MICR Code - 226229002

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Sushrut Institute of Plastic Surgery Pvt Ltd

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Rate List (Lucknow)
  Available Surgeries Package (INR) USD $ (Approx)
Face Related Procedures
¦ Face lift 1,00,000 1700
¦ Eyebrow Lift 1,00,000 1700
¦ Baggy Eyelids (Blepharoplasty) 90,000 1300
¦ Rhinoplasty 90,000 1600
¦ Lip Augmentation or Lip Reduction 40,000 700
¦ Chin Correction (Genioplasty) 90,000 1600
¦ Double-Chin Correction (Sub-mental Fat Reduction) 60,000 1100
¦ Cheek Dimple (or dimple at any other body part) 40,000 700
¦ Buccal Fat pad removal 40,000 700
¦ Cheek Augmentation 90,000 (Excluding Implants) 1400*
¦ Torn Earlobe Correction 20,000 400
¦ Ear Reshaping or Otoplasty 90,000 1300
Breast Related Procedures
¦ Breast Augmentation (with FDA approved Textured Silicone Implants) 70,000 + cost of implants 1200*
¦ Breast Augmentation (by Autologous Fat grafting) 1,25,000 * per sitting 2200
¦ Breast Reduction or Mastopexy/Breast Lift/Tightening 1,00,000 1700
¦ Breast lift with Augmentation (Implants) 1,00,000 (+ cost of Implants) 1700 +implants
¦ Breast Reconstruction (Local Flaps in Females) 80,000 1400
¦ Breast Reconstruction (Micro-vascular in Females) 2,25,000 4000
¦ Nipple & Aerola Correction 50,000 900
¦ Scarless removal of Breast lump (Fibroadenoma) 40,000 700
¦ Male Breast Correction (Gynaecomastia) 50,000 800
¦ Severe Gynecomastia 70,000 1300
¦ Gynecomastia + Skin Reduction 70,000 1300
Body Related Procedures
¦ Liposuction (up to 8 litres or any one site) 70,000 1200
¦ Liposuction of any added site in single sitting (per area added) 30,000 (per area) 550
¦ Liposuction of Abdomen (single area) 70,000 1200
¦ Liposuction of Abdomen + Flanks (Sides) 1,00,000 1700
¦ Liposuction of Tummy + Flanks (sides) + Gynecomastia 1,50,000 2700
¦ Abdominal Etching (six-pack Abs) 90,000 1600
¦ Abdominal Etching + Lipo of Flanks 1,10,000 1900
¦ Ab Etching/6 pack Abs Formation + Gynecomastia 1,40,000 2600
¦ Ab Etching/6 packs + Lipo of Flanks + Gynecomastia 1,60,000 2800
¦ Ab Etching/6 packs + Lipo of Flanks + Chest Reshaping 1,80,000 3000
¦ Tummy-tuck (Abdominoplasty) 1,00,000 1700
¦ Lipo-Abdominoplasty (Full Tummy tuck including Lipo of Flanks) 1,20,000 2100
¦ Mommy Makeover (Lipo Abdominoplasty + Breast Reduction/lift) 1,80,000 3200
¦ Brachioplasty 75,000 1300
¦ Thigh-Lift 1,00,000 1700
¦ Gluteal / Calf Implant 1,00,000+ implants 1700*
¦ Gluteal/Buttock Fat Grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift) 1,00,000 per sitting 2200
¦ Body Lift (Body Contouring) or Belt Lipectomy (Male / Female) 1,50,000 2600
¦ Varicose Veins Vary on extent & site -
¦ Morbid Obesity Correction or Bariatric Surgery 3,50,000 6000
Genitals Related Procedures
¦ Hymenoplasty (Hymen Repair or Re-Virgination) 40,000 700
¦ Vaginoplasty (Vaginorrhaphy or Vaginal Tightening) 60,000 1300
¦ Genital Cosmetic surgery (Any Single Component) 50,000 900
¦ Genital Cosmetic Surgery(Two or Multiple Components) 75,000 1300
¦ Vaginal Reconstruction (In Females) 75,000 1300
¦ Penile Fattening 50,000 900
¦ Penile Lengthening 75,000 1300

Sex Reassignment Surgery
(Consultation Fees : INR 2,000 (After Appointment)

Male to Female
MTF Mammoplasty (Breast Aug) INR 1,10,000/- + implants 2,35,000 + implants 4050
Vaginal Reconstruction (Neo-Vagina) INR 1,25,000/-
Female to Male
Breast Removal INR 1,10,000/- 6,35,000 10500
Salpingo-oophorectomy Hysterectomy INR 80,000/-
Penile Reconstruction INR 2,50,000/-
Implants & Testicals INR 2,00,000/-
Hair & Skin Related Procedures
¦ Hair Grafting (Less than 500 Follicles) 150/- per follicle  
¦ Hair Grafting (Up to 1000 Follicles) 1,00,000 1700
¦ Hair grafting (More than 1000 Follicles & Up to 2000 Follicles) 1,25,000 2200
¦ Hair grafting (More than 2000 Follicles) 1,50,000 2600
¦ Vitiligo (Small Size) 25,000 450
¦ Vitiligo (Moderate Size) 40,000 600
¦ Vitiligo (Large Size) 75,000 1400
¦ Small Scar / Mole / Split Ear Lobes / Wart 20,000 400
¦ Moderate sized or Multiples Scars/Moles/Warts 30,000 500
¦ Large/Complex Scars or Moles 50,000 800
Non-surgical Procedures
¦ PRP for Skin or Hair Restoration (Small to Moderate) 10,000 150
¦ PRP for Skin or Hair Restoration (Moderate to Large) 15,000 300
¦ Micro/Nano Fat Grafting Face (Small to Moderate) 20,000 400
¦ Micro/Nano Fat Grafting Face (Moderate to Large) 40,000 600
¦ Vampire Facelift (Full Face) 50,000 800

The Package Includes
  • Expenses towards Surgeon's Fees, Nursing & EMO Care, Operation Theatre & Anesthesia charges.
  • Includes 3 months postoperative follow-up consultations.

*The package for High Risk Patients will be 25% higher than the normal package. **Implants are not included in package.

The Package DOES NOT Include
  • Medicines & other consulmables used Inside operation theatre, in ward or to be used after discharge from the hospital.
  • Pressure / Compression Garments, implants if used or required.
  • Hospital stay and medical investigations.
  • Expenses on the management of other associated medical problems or High-Risk Patients, in the form of investigations, management & consultation from other specialties, if required, during hospitalization.
  • Expenses incurred on the management of an unforeseen problem encountered during the operation requiring extension of the procedure or an additional procedure or admission in ICU.

*GST on Cosmetic Surgery cases 18%  (but not on Reconstrcive Plastic Surgery Cases) as per the existing Government rules vide Notification No. 4/2017 – Central Tax

We specialize in Cosmetic Surgery treatments and pride ourself in our stringent quality control of the procedures and techniques ensuring our patients get the highest quality of service. Our goal is to offer top-of-the-line cosmetic surgery services for YOU to look your best. Our Hospital with its aesthetic ambience, state of art facilities and advanced technologies such as fully equipped operation theatres with complete range of modern sophisticated instruments and fully furnished Deluxe Private wards with all amenities to make you feel at home is designed to provide international standard of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Under Dr. R. K. Mishra’s supervision, each patient receives unparalleled care & one-on-one attention. We have an ultra- modern set-up with a well- organized reception where you are warmly welcomed, and your queries are addressed. There is no rush or pressure to have a cosmetic surgery right away as we provide you detailed consultation & counselling to make sure that you know exactly what to expect from your procedure.

A special mention must be made of our highly skilled, super-specialized and dynamic team of Board Certified Doctor, Anaesthesiologists and nursing staff that has already set standards in the field of Cosmetic and Plastic surgery including procedures like breast augmentation/enhancement/tightening, body contouring, liposuction, tummy-tuck, abdominoplasty, cosmetic genital rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation/face lift, rhinoplasty, hair transplantation (FUE), mole/warts removal & scar revision  and most importantly cranio-facial deformities & defects, maxillofacial injuries and defects, post burn deformities/scarring and defects, post-traumatic and post-surgical defects, especially those requiring micro-vascular surgical expertise including Nerve grafting, free flaps, Bone grafting, complex cranio-facial reconstruction, tissue expansion, replantation of amputated parts to name a few.

“If you could change one thing about your body image, what would it be? Come, tell us.. We will show you the possibilities and help you to unwrap a New, more confidant You!”

There are number of aspects that will influence your decision whether to go through a plastic surgery procedure or not. We recognize that no two people are the same which means no two treatments should be identical too. We all have unique face, features and personality, a good plastic surgeon like Dr. R. K. Mishra will always tailor a surgery for your best. That is why we offer extremely tailored treatments to your personal needs and aspirants. The professional & caring staff takes care of you at every step.

“Your questions answered, and your fears erased!”

The result of Plastic Surgery usually shows after 1-3 months after the surgical procedure, so we advocate you to carry out the procedure well before any events such as wedding ceremony, reception or any other social or a group events.

“Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.”

Obviously, a significant factor is the cost of the process. At SIPS Superspecialty hospital, we ensure that you have your treatment at a minimal cost with great care. More vital than price, however, is the standards of safety, privacy and the intensity of care provided before and after the procedure. Our rates are lower when compared to the same procedures in the USA, UK & other countries, the price difference being about 8-10 times. One can verify prices in these countries. Even the cost of the procedures at our place are much lesser than other cities like Mumbai & Delhi etc. But the facilities, quality and intensive care provided by us are always at par with any of internationally recognised plastic surgery institutes. Many people take the opportunity to consult online for an individual quote on their procedure or problem areas. Please feel free to browse our website and obtain information about your desired treatments.

Above is given a comprehensive list of all rates that hold good at our centre. We abide by these rates and there are absolutely no other hidden charges. If any procedure is not mentioned within this list, you may ask us beforehand for the same.