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Plastic Surgery’s Did You Know ?

TMJ Anlylosis – TemporoMandibular Joint Ankylosis

TMJ Ankylosis (जबड़े का जोड़ जाम हो जाना) is a jaw joint disorder that refers to bone or fibrous adhesion of the jaw joint. In this condition, patients have difficulty in opening their mouth. This interferes with mastication, speech, oral hygiene, and normal life activities, and can be potentially life threatening when struggling to acquire an airway in an emergency. The most common causes of TMJ ankylosis is previous trauma, with the second being infection while others may be local or systemic infections, TMJ arthritis, and neoplasm. Fill the Inquiry form here to get customized details.

Is it normal to exercise like crazy and still have tummy bulge?

Exercise is not the only factor when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Even if you log several hours exercising each week, you most certainly can have belly bulge due to other factors like stress/mental wellbeing, hormones, age, sleep and diet etc. But if your lifestyle already consists of a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, and mental well-being and still have the belly bulge then the “separated abdominal muscle, hanging skin with reduced elasticity” might be the cause. This situation often comes in most women’s life after childbirth and major weight-loss. And if this is the situation in your case, you cannot “spot-reduce” the tummy bulge even if you add 100 crunches to your daily workout. It clearly needs additional help.

If you want to know what is causing stubborn tummy bulge in your case, consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. R. K. Mishra and you may benefit from a little additional “help” in the form of tummy-tuck.

The Bigger the better- Well, Not for Breast Implants

One of the many reasons of having breasts augmentation is that you want to get noticed by people, but you certainly do not want people to notice your enhancements. So, when it comes to breasts implants, “a little goes a long way” applies more aptly.

While choosing the breasts implants size, it is important to rememer that it’s not just about breast volume but the projection also. Today’s advanced implants are made in certain shapes that can add to the projection all the way around by adding volume to both at top and bottom parts of the breasts for a more natural looking shape (unlike what implants used to look decades ago- like two stuffed melons under your shirt! A big NO-NO). This is why if you choose a LOT bigger size implant with this effect, you might end up getting more than you bargained for in terms of overall aesthetics. Unnatural looking results is the TOP reason most women choose a revision surgery as the bigger size implants make a difference that is too obvious for everyone to notice. And, you want people to notice you, not your enhancements after all!

“Modest increase in breast size is usually what most women desire to achieve an ideally balanced figure, and smaller implant can have big impact” -Dr. R. K. Mishra

Do the Tummy Shapers Really Work?

Tummy shaper, bodysuit, shaping top, tummy-tucker, extended-brief and waist slimmer etc. are some Fancy names for shapewears.
A shapewear is worn under the dress as a temporary means of altering the shape of the body, and gives an illusion of a flat stomach and a curvy waist (hourglass figure, as the ads claim). But how useful they actually are? 🤔 Let’s get in to it! 🧐

These elasticised garments claim to reduce the body to fit into one to three sizes smaller, instantly. However, the effect is temporary and long term use can do some serious damage to the body, such as:

Weaken Abdominal Muscles- The abdominal muscles work as an INSIDE support for our abdominal wall that holds the FLAT shape of the tummy. It is the same muscles that get loose (sometimes separated) during major weight loss and/or pregnancy. With regular exercise and a healthy diet, you can improve the muscles’ strength again, but it takes time (years may be!). A shapewear may be your rescue when attending a social event to help hide the tummy flab, but if you use it regularly, you are telling your abdominal muscles to stop doing their job (i.e. provide internal support) and depend on the OUTSIDE support provided by the shapewear. This way, those muscles will never return to their normal, tighter position!👎

Apart from that, the constant outside pressure can also affect your lung function, digestion, bowel movements, blood circulation and bladder function, and can cause numbness and meralgia paresthetica (compression of peripheral nerves in the thighs and causes tingling, numbness and pain).

Final Verdict- If you want to wear these shapers occasionally (like for parties etc.) then it should be okay, but beware not to make these your short-cut to get a flat tummy because there is no substitute to a healthy lifestyle 🏃‍♂️

Ageing and The Need of Cosmetic Surgery

It is quite understandable that when you don’t have the same problem, you don’t understand the need of those who have it. Most younger people are often against any form of physical self-change, because, well, they cannot yet imagine themselves as ever being old. Hence, they cannout understand the need that people feel at or after 40. Age and the development of the problem frequently change people’s perception.

It is usually around the 40s that people begin to think that one of the cosmetic surgery procedures may be inevitable. What once appeared to be a big No-No, now no longer seems like a bad idea. This becomes most relevant with the aging related concerns around the eyes and mouth as people start to get fine lines and wrinkle near these areas as the first signs of ageing. As people step in their 50s, those so inclined towards cosmetic surgery may have already had some form of it, even if they will not openly admit it.

The key to look young is to prevent yourself from looking old

If you ask anyone who is in their 40s, 50s or 60s but look youger than their actual age about how come their skin looks flawless, the most common answer will be: start taking good care of skin and protect it from the sun-light. This means applying good quality and quatity of SPF 30+ daily, using a sunscreen that includes zinc mechanical blocker and is free from oxybenzone chemical blocks is highly recommended for people ALL age groups to avoid early appearance of fine line, wrinkes and delay ageing. But do this religiously, eveen if the weather is cloudy because UV light is still there and keeps damaging the DNA of your skin (smoking does the same). And unfortunately, once the damage has been done, it is permanent. With damage skin comes the appearance of ageing spots (brown spots) and fine lies that are linked with old age.

But it better late than never. If you haven’t been taking care of skin, it’s never too late to start applying sunscreen regularly to prevent future DNA damage. Do not wait for the summer to start applying sunscreen, because SUN is Always THERE, in ALL weathers! No matter its cloudy, winters, fall or summer, Never leave your house without applying sunscreen on all the sun exposed parts of your body to save it from early ageing.

Breast Reduction Pays-Off even After Decades (Study Reveals)

Women who had Breast Reduction before the age of 25 years exeperienced lasting results even after 10-30 years of having the surgery done, according to the study issued in the November issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). These women (who had breast reduction at a young age) reported a higher satisfaction level in sexual well-being and satisfaction from breasts size/shape (among other numerous long-term benefits) than those women who never had this surgery done (despite having large breasts). A Breast Reduction Surgery can have a dramatic impact on your overall quality of life, as seen in the women who were included in the study

The Results of Breast Reduction are Life-Changing

Very few people acknowledge the discomfort, pain and unwanted attention that women with large breasts have to live with. Breast reduction surgery is a life changing procedure for such women that reduces the overall size of bigger breasts to make them proportionate with rest of their body. Apart from better and improved appearance, breast reduction surgery also improves physical symptoms such as back/shoulder/neck pain, sore-ness due to digging bra straps in shoulders, poor posture of body. After breast reduction, women feel a new boot of confidence in wearing whatever clothes they want without worrying about unwanted attention to their breasts as one of my patients revealed that after having breasts reduction surgery, breasts are not the only thing people notice about her! Be sure to consult with an specialist, board certified plastic surgeon to get satisfactory results from this surgery, no matter the city because it is easy to travel for having medical procedure to nearby cities these days for the sake of better facilities and services.

Sushruta – The First ever Surgeon, who was Indian

Saint Sushurta who lived 600 BC in Kashi (today known as Varanasi or Benaras) is regarded the “Father of Plastic Surgery” and Father of Medicine” wrote one of world’s earliest works on medicines named as “Sushruta Samhita”. In this book, he documented the instructions to perform scores of surgical procedures including reconstructions of nose and 3 types of skin grafts. Sushrut Samhita is the first written record of the forehead flap rhinoplasty – a surgical method (by using forehead skin to form the nose, today known as pedicle flap) which is still used to reconstruct a nose. Sushruta took the art of surgery to admirable heights in the medieval India which was later regarded as the “Golden Age of Surgery”.

Surgical Face Lift Vs. Fillers

A facelift, technically known as a “Rhytidectomy” (from Ancient Greek word rhytis which means “wrinkle” + ektome which means “excision”, surgical removal of wrinkles, is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure used to give a more youthful facial appearance and decrease signs of ageing. Despite the ever-increasing popularity of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures and fillers, the traditional surgical facelift still remains the most popular gold standard and sought for procedure for people wanting to get rid of signs of early ageing such as Deep wrinkles and smile lines, Loose skin on neck and jaw, Signs of aging in the lower & middle third of the face, Heavy jowls,Sagging cheeks etc.because of the fact that the results of nonsurgical treatments such as artificial fillers rarely come close to those of an expertly performed facelift. And artificial fillers often come with certain risks and possible complication because they are a foreign material which can have disasterous outcomes if it fails.

Facts About Sagging Breasts

The firmness of the breasts is related to the skin quality and the size of the glandular tissue. Women experience sagging breasts as they age, because the skin becomes less elastic and the size of the glands decrease over time. There are number of facts that you should be aware of when it comes to breasts sagging:

1- Smoking can cause your Breasts Sag -Smoking and alcohol contribute sagging because they breakdown your skin’s collagen, this affects your skin elasticity which leads to sagging of your breasts

2- Breast-feeding doesn’t cause sagging – Breastfeeding should always be recommended because it has many benefits on woman’s and kid’s health, and contrary to popular belief, it does not cause the breasts to sag. Actually, the pregnancy itself is probably the bigger culprit. Breasts grow to make room for the expanding milk ducts during pregnancy and after breastfeeding is stopped; the glands shrink back and the breasts lose fullness. This expansion of breasts also stretches skin to store the volume but expansion of skin does not shrink back when this volume is lost, that result in breasts sagging.

3- Wearing Bra 24×7 cannot Prevent Sagging – Although a bra holds the breasts up, giving you the shape and look you desire, it cannot prevent the inevitable drooping because once it’s removed, breasts will return to their natural position. The constant pull of gravity on the breasts causes them to droop.

4- No Exercise Can Prevent or Promote Breasts Sagging – Exercise is always recommended because it contributes to a healthier lifestyle. However, high impact exercises cause the breasts to bounce, which can eventually cause damage to the connective tissues in your breasts. This is why it is very important to wear a sports bra while performing all high impact activities such as running or aerobics.

5- Sagging Breasts can be Restored to Youthful Shape – A breast lift is the only way to permanently reposition your breasts back to youthful position. Breast lift (sometimes performed with implants) is a very effective for those women who would like to restore a firm, more upright position of their breasts.

Safe & Scientific Rejuvenation for Women’s Nether Region

Vaginal Rejuvenation is popularly known for physical benefits of vaginal rejuvenation – to plump, tighten or reduce the shape- whatever is desired for more youthful, uniform, aesthetically pleasing appearance private parts, and these intangible effects greatly impact woman’s quality of life as well. This procedure can help women enjoy physical activities more, move on after a relationship ends, and feel more self-assured and attractive. Vaginoplasty is done for vaginal rejuvenation and tightening and Labiaplasty is done for labia reduction and beautification. Hymenoplasty (reconstruction of the hymen) returns the ruptured hymen to a pre-sexual state. Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty can be performed at the same time or in combination with other common Plastic and Cosmetic procedures such as Rhinoplasty, Breast Enhancement or Reduction, Abdominoplasty, or Liposculpting.

Facial Profile can be Enhancement by Combination of Nose & Chin Surgery

The shape of the nose, chin and neck in relation to one another determine whether an individual has “aesthetically proportionate” profile of the face. To create a pleasing facial profile, the projections of each element should be balanced. For example, a small chin can make a moderately-sized nose look large, while a large nose might overshadow a normal sized chin. This is largely due to the relationship between your nose and chin. It is always worth discussing a combination of chin correction and a rhinoplasty with your surgeon. The procedures can safely be performed together as it is just a minor extension of the overall duration of any one procedure. Doing a combined procedure to benefit both areas is not uncommon and very rewarding in enhancing the overall facial profile.

Can Anyone Figure out that You have implants in your breasts?

This might be the biggest fear that women have regarding breast augmentation (implants) procedure but if you choose a dexterous plastic surgeon, the results will be a natural, fuller and real bust line without any hint of unnatural or fake appearance. US FDA approved High-Cohesive Silicone gel filled Textured implants are the ideal & most commonly used implants for Breast augmentation worldwide because of its natural feel. Even you can conceive & breast feed your baby as normally as any woman after having implants. The procedure should be performed an experienced plastic surgeon only as the roles of surgeon and implant are important.

Do You Look Older than Your Age?

Eye-bags and creases are probably the first thing people notice when they guess your age because these things are usually associated with advancing age, and can make you look older than your age. The main benefit is that reduction of ‘bags under the eyes’ immediately improve your appearance. You will no longer have that tired look and if your vision was affected by drooping, puffy upper eyelids then this will no longer be a problem. Your eyelids will be both firmer and tighter. If you have noticed any of the below conditions, a blepharoplasty may benefit you and fulfil your eye rejuvenation goals.

Sagging upper eyelid skin
Puffiness or bags above or below the eyes (baggy eye-lids)
Excess skin and creases of the lower eyelid

Sagging Breasts? No More..

Sag comes with age. The firmness of the breasts is related to the skin quality and the size of the glandular tissue. Women experience sagging breasts as they age, because the skin becomes less elastic and the size of the glands decrease over time. However, it doesn’t mean you have to accept this unattractive shape of your once most admirable body part. There is a permanent solution- Breast lift surgery which is an aesthetic procedure that permanently addresses sagging breasts, dropping nipples and stretched areolas. It also restores breast projection, cleavage and improves breast shape. Learn More about Breast Lift- https://goo.gl/pDbl3s

Things to Know if you’re considering Plastic Surgery Vacation in India

The lure of India as a vacation destination and it’s growing popularity draw cosmetic surgery tourists from all over the world. If you’re the once considering travel to India for you cosmetic surgery needs, then you must remember few important things. First and most important thing is to look for credentials of your cosmetic surgeon. Look for his or her board certifications and experience. Do not be lured by social media or advertising and look for as many as before & after picutres and old patients reviews because the are always most helpful. Second things is to ensure that the facility where your surgery is going to take place has qualified anesthesiologist available all the time. And lastly, you should check for liscences, hospital registrations and also do not hesitate to ask questions until you get satisfactory answers.

People with BDD don’t need Cosmetic Surgery

It is important to know why doctors administer a mental health screening before putting a BDD suspected patient under the knife. It clearly doesn’t mean that the patient has lost it or is a psycho, it is just to rule out body dismorphic disorder becasue such people with BDD don’t need cosmetic surgery, they need psychiatric care & counselling. If a surgeon performs the desired surgery on a BDD affected patient without mentla counselling, it is more than sure that he/she will NOT be satisfied with the results and it will affect both (the surgeon and the patient) because it is not a matter of face/body correction, it the the mind that need fixation.

People with BDD may pick at a skin defect only perceptible to them until a real scab appears. They might lose hours in front of a mirror, meticulously working to camouflage their purported flaws, or they might compulsively avoid mirrors at all costs, terrified of what they’ll see. Some develop eating disorders or social anxiety.

Still, the psychiatric condition is surprisingly common: according to the Body Dysmorphia Disorder Foundation, one in 50 people has it. The advocacy group lists several famous names who may have had the disorder, though none were ever diagnosed, including Sylvia Plath, Michael Jackson and Franz Kafka.

Why getting Breast Reduction is a Best Decision

Larger breasts come with their share of drawbacks; back pain, neck pain, sports sore, difficulty in finding clothes that fit properly among them, self-consciousness. A large cup size that cannot be supported by your frame, can cause health problems, that become become chronic concerns when ignored. When your breast size limits your life, reduction is the best option.

The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery-

Say goodbye to pain – With your breasts weighing relatively lesser, they will not strain your shoulders, neck and back.
Start exercising again -You will be able to run, swim, walk & play without your breasts getting in the way.
Improve your posture -You will no longer slouch. You will be able to pull back your shoulders and straighten your spine, and throw your chest out, finally.
Shop easier -​You don’t have to hide in mumus. Clothes that fit, support and flatter will be easier to find.
Boost your confidence – An improved posture will enhance your self-confidence as well.

Liposuction and Weight Loss

People often start watching their body weight right after liposuction and wonder why the numbers are not going down as they expect. First of all, it’s important to remember that liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. Best for removing small pockets of fat, liposuction gives patients better body contour and a shapelier silhouette, but is not meant to help you lose pounds. I tell patients to avoid the weighing scale for 1-2 month after surgery because the body is in healing mode from surgery stress and can cause you to retain water (which could translate to increased pounds). Once the body realizes you are fine the water will come off. Maintaining a balanced diet and following your doctor’s prescribed post-op instructions will also help you on the right track toward a healthy recovery.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation (Implants)?

Many women who wish to have a breast augmentation ask about breastfeeding after breast augmentation, fearing that they will not be able to breastfeed or that they will harm their children nursing after breast implants. But the truth is that you should be able to maintain full function of the breasts after some breast augmentation surgery which means you will be able to breastfeed after breast augmentation as any normal lady as the implants are placed behind the muscle procedure so that they do not separate your milk ducts from your nipples, so there is still a continuous path for the breast milk to flow through. So if you’re planning to get implants, you can go for it without being afraid.

The Extended Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most common and successful types of body contouring surgeries. It is used in many post-pregnancy and weight loss women to correct the effects of having babies and the changes that process can induce on one’s body in the mid-section area. A Full Tummy Tuck is often needed to restore the abdominal muscle separation and laxity to its original shape, the navel is moved at a new and higher position to give you a more youthful appearance but women with a high BMI (body mass index) and significant weight for their height often requires a different type of tummy tuck. Even with weight loss a high BMI creates rolls (folds) of skin and fat that a frontal-based tummy tuck alone can not properly address. The loose hanging portion extend from frontal abdomen to back side of the waist and upper hips. This requires that the extent of the tummy tuck excision go around the waistline and extended tummy tuck comes the realization. The resulting scar runs all the way around the waist, and the procedure is also called a Belt Lipectomy; most appropriate for those who have undergone massive weight loss or having loose & hanging skin all around the waist line. It is often also necessary that liposuction be performed in and around the back and waistline area to maximize the contouring effect.

How important is the size of breast?

This question is common between both men and women. Although both men and women have distinct likes and dislikes when it comes to breast size and no section of people will accept on “a perfect breast size”. But the reality is that the size of breasts is actually important. Lack of cleavage has always been a sensitive issue for girls with less developed breasts. In fact, it can be their biggest insecurity. The desire to have more projecting breasts ups the confidence and sensuality quotient in females. One of the truly mystical phenomena of the universe is the male’s attraction to female breast. Men tend to be attracted towards large breasts because they represent maturity and fertility. Even though a man may not even be imagining about having kids, subconsciously the human mind gears are attracted to a woman with a more ample bust. So scientifically it’s completely normal for men and women to want a fuller bust. If you want to learn about the safest way to increase your breast size, there is scientific way that can help you to successfully increase your breast size. While many women enhance their assets temporarily with the help of padded bras, other daring women get them surgically enhanced for a permanent solution. If you are unsatisfied with your breast size, an aesthetic breast augmentation (Breast implants) is the safest way to achieve desired fullness.

How to effectively treat White Spots

White patches never harm you physically but unattractive appearance is always undesirable. It often affects the face, elbows and knees, hands and feet, and genitals. Non-surgical ways to treat vitiligo include medications prescribed by only experienced dermatogist/skin specialist or plastic surgeon. It is important to remember that skin without pigment is at greater risk of sun damage. Be sure to apply a broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB), high-SPF sunscreen or sun-block and use appropriate safeguards against sun exposure. Surgical option includes removal of affected skin where the affected skin can be directly excised by only an experienced plastic surgeon who can close it using very fine stitches to make it almost invisible. But vitiligo must be stable for at least 1-year to go for any surgical treatment to be useful and effective.

Experience Matters in Liposuction Surgery

In this modern era where product and services are getting thoroughly commercialized, authentic things are difficult to find. Now a days, we hear a lots of brand names for liposuction surgery as so-called “advance techniques”. Many of us think that brand power is good, but it is the proficiency of the plastic surgeon who performs liposuction is much more important than just a brand. Keeping this improtant thing in mind, you can earn both satisfactory and safe results of the liposuction operation. Depending on the individual’s body type, liposuction requires delicate skills, and it also needs emergency management without any panic in case that an urgent situation occurs.

Why do I still look pregnant?

During Pregnancy, the body undergoes a variety of changes very quickly such as extra weight is stored throughout the body to make sure that the mother has enough energy stockpiled to give her strength and fulfil the special needs of her body through the pregnancy. One of the primary changes during pregnancy, obviously, is the expansion of the uterus to accommodate the fetes inside it. To allow the expansion of the uterus, the abdominal muscles also stretch and make room for the growing baby within. This can cause the abdominal muscles to separate which if often permanent. Once the abdominal skin is stretched to its limit over and over again through multiple pregnancies, it eventually reaches a point when it cannot bounce back (no matter how many crunches you do!). You may be very surprised by the way your tummy looks after child birth. Even though your baby is out, you may still have a round, squishy midsection that makes you look like you’re six months pregnant. Pregnancy results in skin expansion and it is believed can only be reduced through cosmetic surgery though removal of the extra skin. More than ever, you have exciting options to reverse the clock & those unwanted signs of child bearing like Tummy-tuck, Mommy-Makeover and Breast-lift.

Make a Healthy New Year Resolution

Do you know the meaning of ‘resolution’? It’s ‘solution,’ meaning you are solving a problem, with the prefix ‘re,’ which usually means again. We strive to solve a problem again and again and again and they tend to become empty promises to ourselves. Good health happens when the physical, emotional and social or environmental parts of our lives are in balance. When people resolve to ‘lose weight,’ they are actually saying, ‘I want to feel and look better. So this year, we challenge you to make a new kind of New Year’s resolution. For example- Today at lunch, instead of chips, you could buy an apple. Instead of watching TV to relax after work, you could do 15 minutes of yoga. Today, you’ll take the kids to the park instead of handing them a video game controller. Not all at once but one thing every day. No one is perfect. But what if every day, you made a pact with yourself to be a little bit better. If you enjoy something, you’re more likely to do it again. And meeting people who share your passion will help incorporate those healthy habits into your social life. That should be the start of your New Year’s resolution.

What is Xanthelasma?

Xanthelasma is yellowish-brown elevated or flat lesions on the skin of the upper and lower eyelids, usually 2-30 mm in size, that contain deposits of cholesterol or lipid-rich content. It is often seen in people with high cholesterol or other fat (lipid) levels in the blood. Once present, xanthelasma never go away on its own. In fact, lesions frequently grow larger and more numerous. Individuals with xanthelasma are usually most concerned with their cosmetic appearance. Any race or sex can be affected by xanthelasma but more frequently seen in females, mostly middle aged group. The treatment of this problem includes Surgical excision – direct removal of xanthelasma by experienced hands of a trained plastic surgeon is a viable method to get rid of it. Basically it is quick in-office procedure performed on day care basis and patients are allowed to go home at the same day. Any other treatment such as application of any kind of acids or chemical etc should strictly be avoided as it can damage the skin leaving severe scars behind that are impossible to reverse later.

24-hours Breasts Implants

Plastic surgeons at Manhattan have been inserting saline into women’s breasts to temporarily expand their size. The effect of the procedure only lasts around 24 hours, but it is much less risky or invasive than regular breast augmentation or enlargement surgery. The saline injections were originally meant as a way for women considering these types of surgeries to see how they might look with larger breasts. If a patient was unsure of committing to implants, some surgeons would also use the injections as a trial run to see if she liked having larger breasts. According the New York Times, the saline injection procedure quickly took on a life of its own and is being requested for special events, parties, and vacations. However, these temporary improvements come with a steep price tag of $3,500 a procedure, prohibiting many from opting for the quick fix.

Look 40 at your 50s, Naturally

Quit Smoking: There is no doubt that smoking is injurious to health in all ways, but did you knwo that smoking can make you look older than you age? The cigrettes/smoking pipes contain nicotine that causes the small vessels in the skin to contract, which “strangulates” the organs and deprives the skin of oxygen and its vital blood supply. Toxins from the tobacco enter the blood stream and are distributed throughout the entire body, as well. Those who are concerned about their appearance should be aware that smoking causes lip lines which is very difficult problem to fix later.

Don’t poke into acnes: We often get multiple scars related to acne on our face, particularly pitted scar and then many people try to “improve” them by picking, poking, and needling. This can lead to a worse infection. The end result is often scarring and hyperpigmentation, treatment of which often expensive and not guaranteed.

Don’t try anything and everything: Its not uncommon to have at least one friend/cousin/sister in law/aunty etc who is member of some beauty product providers and claims knows all about what’s good for your skin. They keep you giving beauty advices about the latest skin creams that can make you look gorgeous. They are even ready to buy the product for you and ship you on monthly basis. Keep your guard up with these people. Most often, these businesses are actually repackaging creams that are available over-the-counter. Only physicians can sell prescription strength products (and have peer-reviewed research behind them). Aestheticians spend months in the classroom to devote their livelihood to skincare, and are truly the experts when it comes to guiding your skin care regime.

Why do we have Eye Brows?

The function of eyebrows is what people believed to keep moisture away from eyes such as while walking in the rain or excess sweating, but this is now difinitely needless as the size of eyeborws have decreased dramatically (as conpared to our ancestors) making it difficult to serve any such purpose and they barely protect our eyes from the salty sweat that irritates our eyes or rain that makes it difficult to see clearly while walking. So why do we still have them? Well, to answer this question, we need to imagine our faces without eyebrows. We are sure that one will never like their apperance without eyebrows and here comes the reason behind it: eyebrows play an important part in facial expressions, such as angry, sad, happy or lazy. One of the clearest ways to tell somebody what you’re thinking is to simply move your eyebrows up or down — we all know what different eyebrow positions mean. Eyebrows drops down as a result of ageing, making you look sad, more lathargic that you feel and affect your vision. Brow lift, also known as forehead lift, is well known cosmetic surgery procedure to correct this.

Body Contouring is More than Aesthetic Surgery

Dramatic & massive weight loss, whether achieved by continuous exercise and proper diet or bariatric surgery brings unavoidable hanging skin over various parts of our body, particularly on tummy, arms, thighs and sagging breasts which certainly looks aesthetically undesirable. Once you reach your weight loss goals, you may find that you still don’t have the fit and healthy body image you desire as skin may be loose, sagging making your body contours appear irregular and inharmonious. Once skin is stretched to its limit, it never shrinks back to its normal position again and doesn’t settle down on its own due to loss of tone, elasticity and age factors, and that’s where body contouring rushes to help. Besides this, the most common problems in these people are not only psychological impacts due to unaesthetic appearance, but also physical issues including inter-trigo (redness and bruising due to rubbing of skin), bad odour due to sweating and bacterial contamination, which are improved through body contouring. Just like when we alter our cloths due to changes in our shapes and sizes after massive weight loss, our skin also needs to be altered. Body contouring helps in eliminating sequential negative impacts over patients who give up dieting or exercising due to being mentally tired of their unattractive physique even after trying hard for losing weight with so many efforts.

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction is reportedly also beneficial in overweight diabetic patients also wherein excessive weight gain poses a greater demand for insulin and thus deteriorating the physical condition of the patient. In fact, loss of fat or weight by liposuction can tremendously help the diabetics since weight is reduced, insulin resistance is decreased; this all is obtained by minimal incisions, least chances of infection and remotest probability of weight gain. It’s hard to say whether it’s our tendency to hone in on imperfection or some other quirk of humanity, but when it comes to our appearance, it’s the little things that tend to feel the most irritating. Those small, isolated problem spots like stubborn fat pouches hanging from belly, arms or fatty thighs often continue nagging at us, even after accomplishing major weight loss or other fitness goals. By specifically targeting the areas that bother you the most, it can help your body look amazing in many different places you mostly feel isolated fatty pockets.

Post Pregnancy Changes

During Pregnancy, the body undergoes a variety of changes very quickly such as extra weight is stored throughout the body to make sure that the mother has enough energy stockpiled to give her strength and fulfil the special needs of her body through the pregnancy. Breasts often change shape and size, both in response to weight gain and because of hormonal changes. One of the primary changes during pregnancy, obviously, is the expansion of the uterus to accommodate the fetes inside it. To allow the expansion of the uterus, the abdominal muscles also stretch and make room for the growing baby within. This can cause the abdominal muscles to separate which if often permanent. Maximum of the changes seen in the body during pregnancy are entirely cosmetic, and gradually return to their normal shape as time passes. Making an extra effort in eating right and proper exercise can help shed any remaining excess pregnancy pounds after your baby is born. Yet, once the abdominal skin is stretched to its limit over and over again through multiple pregnancies, it eventually reaches a point when it cannot bounce back (no matter how many crunches you do!). This situation makes it impossible to bounce back to your per-baby weight and these changes make your body look fat and uneven, which in turn lowers your confidence and self esteem. Fortunately, Mommy Makeover is the answer to repair those permanent changes.

Things to Know About Fat Cells

You may worry about fat whether it is a concern with your general health or just sheer aesthetics, as a result you restrict your diet and do the exercise to get rid of the bulges of fat. But have you ever wondered what fat is? When you “get fat” = you “gain weight” but what is actually happening inside your body?

Fat cells are formed during the third trimester of pregnancy and during puberty, and are influenced by the sex hormones but everyone is born with a particular number of fat cells. The development of fat cells and their distribution are all the same in male and females until puberty when hormones change their bodily distributions. After puberty, fat cells do not generally form and their number remains fairly stable for the rest of the life. Fat tissue is made up of fat cells, which are a unique type of cell. To understand this, you can think of a fat cell as a tiny plastic bag that holds a drop of fat.

Fat has a seemingly infinite capacity to make more of itself as fat cells can get bigger with weight gain or with weight loss those same fat cells can get smaller. One may get heavier or get bigger in certain body areas because fat cells gets bigger taking on excess calories. Too much body fat can act like a poison contributing to life threatening health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and other illnesses, including some cancers.

How Liposuction Functions?

Women and men who are overweight or of relatively normal weight but having isolated fat pockets causing certain areas of their body to appear disproportionate, are particularly well suited to liposuction. Resistant areas like belly, back and side bags are routinely done. These localized fat deposits may at times be inherited traits that normally are impervious to dieting or exercise. However, any weight loss method enfolds an innate fear of weight gain. Contrary to normal apprehensions, liposuction is done for nearly permanent reduction of ‘resistant’ fat spots. The rationale behind no regain of removed fat unlike other weight reduction processes is that an individual is born with certain fixed number of fat cells which do not increase in number but only in size with age. Once liposuction removes considerable number of fat cells they cannot regenerate again and account for fat increase.

When is the “Right Time” for Cosmetic Surgery

Many girls and boys who have issues with the appearnce of their face (such as a nose that is too big or small or wide, chin that lack prominence or double chin, pouting or barely noticeable lips) or any other part of their body (such isolated fat pouches, scars, small breasts in girls or male breasts) and facing difficulty in their career growth, marriage etc due to this problem, are readily accepting Plastic Surgery as a permanent solution and best option to correct their facial flaws. Even parents are welcoming these procedures to enhance their child’s confidence level and beauty as well. In our country, we generally see patients who come to us right before the time when their marriage have fixed, or parents who want their daughters to look great at the day of their marriage. But one needs to understand that the result of Plastic Surgery usually show after 6-8 months after the surgical procedure so we advocate you to carry out the procedure such as Rhinoplasty or Genioplasty (or combined surgery) at least before 8-10 months and lip correction or dimples in cheek before 2-3 months prior to any events such as wedding ceremony, reception or any other social or a group events.

High Quality and Low Cost Cosmetic Surgery

The development of medical tourism has been largely influenced by the fact that plastic surgery costs differ notably. Naturally, people living in the countries where plastic surgery costs are higher than somewhere abroad, will go abroad. It may be very advantageous because the sum of money left from the difference in prices not only covers additional expenses such as for transportation, accommodation and leisure, but still there is a lot of saving too. People who anyway plan to travel to India to have a cosmetic surgery, have an opportunity to combine the excitement offered by travel and changes in their appearance and life at the same time. Safe Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Good Results, Warm Indian Hospitality and very nominal costs are our specialties. We believe that cosmetic surgery extends far beyond superficial cosmesis and brings about a profound positive change in body, mind and confidence of the person who opts to undergo the surgery.

Social Media, Selfies and Plastic Surgery

“Selfie” is very popular term these days which has been coined for a self-portrait usually taken with a camera phone. The popularity of the selfie is due to their relationship with social networking sites like Facebook, Snapshot and Instagram, where one can post them and share with many known as well as unknwon people. Anyone can click and post hundreds of photos of themselves during a week or a month, and since it enables you to see yourself from so many different angles, it makes you aware of your [perceived] deficiencies inturn. Likes and comments, which are often spurred by companies like The Marketing Heaven, can contribute to a sense of perfectionism and anxiety. Most people use photo editors to enhance what they can, but some eventually come to know their unwanted physical features or awkward issues with their appearance. A lot of people are taking their appearance on social media so seriously, that they’re turning to plastic surgery to perfect flaws. Indeed, the age of the average plastic surgery candidate is getting younger, and this social media induced “Need to Correct A Problem” makes them flip their phones to dial their nearest surgeon’s office for an advise. A recent study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) stated that more than half of their members stated that more than half of their new patients (58%) were under the age of 30. One in three surgeons surveyes saw an uptick in requests due to patients’ awareness of their “flaws” trough increased social media exposure.

Five Tips to Stop Sagging Breasts

Sagging Breasts is something inevitable with Age! But you can reduce the amount of sagginess by following these simple tips:

Manage your weight: Weight gain or weight loss can affect your breast size. When a woman loses a lot of weight, the fat from her breasts also reduces but since her breast tissue cannot shrink, it appears to sag. It is recommended that women should maintain a staedy weight.

Quit smoking: Smoking is well known to cause wrinkles as it disturbs the aging process. The skin of smokers lose its elasticity and flexibility too early. Quit smoking so that your breasts don’t sag before time.

Choosing a Right Bra: When you do cardio or aerobics exercises, your body tend to bounce a lot, which may tear some of the supporting ligaments in your breast. This causes the breasts to sag. Wearing a sports bra with proper support during your workout will prevent them from sagging.

Proper Exercise: Push-ups help build the muscles behind the breast tissue and makes them firm. Besides, it is also a good exercise to tone the upper body and will delay the sagging in the breasts.

Massage: Massages are vital to maintain and improve skin elasticity. Though it cannot restore the firmness of the breasts (only a proper mastopexy can restore the cleavage and reduce lose skin) but its good for breasts’ health.

Choosing the Right Implants for Your Bosoms

Women having a set of firm and perky breasts feel confident and they are very conscious about their bosoms that they can go to great lengths to ensure that their breasts remain full of distinction and healthy even sometimes with the help of implants. Breast implants are medical devices that are implanted under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle to increase breast size (augmentation) or to rebuild breast tissue after mastectomy or other damage to the breast (reconstruction). They are also used in revision surgeries, which correct or improve the result of an original surgery. But before choosing an implant, women should learn about the quality and life of it. Today, the USFDA apporved highly cohesive silicone gel filled textured implants are considered most safe and recommended by ASPS Certified Surgeons. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved them to be used for augmentation and reconstruction.

Breast Cancer in Men

We have been informed through various studies that one in every thirty girls born in India may face breast cancer during any phase of her life but the recent researches supports the fact that one in every four hundred men born in India may also develop breast cancer. The result of the study may be surprising but it is true. The route cause is an abnormal breast cell growth that may be cancerous is stimulated by high estrogen (female hormone) levels. Factors that influence it include:
-Regular consumption of hormonal medicines or herbal supplements.
-Increased body weight due to unhealthy dietary habits.
-Smoking and/or chronic alcoholism.
-Genetic aberrations like Klinefelter Syndrome elevate estrogen levels in men.
-Men with a family history of breast cancer stand high risk as they may inherit either the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes.
Individuals, especially adolescents, undergoing radiation therapy for conditions like Hodgkin’s Disease need to be careful as the odds of developing breast cancer are high. In exceptional cases, gynecomastia or enlargement of breasts in men may also lead to breast cancer.

India delivers expertise in Cosmetic Surgery

People get cosmetic surgery for many reasons- some want to look more attractive and others want to change an awkward feature of their body which they never liked. In India, surgery is becoming more and more common, and contrary to popular belief, it is not rich people’s thing. Middle class people now are readily considering cosmetic surgery as a viable option for them as it gives solution to the problems that went un-noticed earlier because of the unavailability of treatment required. Minimal incision or scar less procedures that produce most aesthetic results to many surgical problems have been practiced for years in the field of cosmetic surgery to achieve optimal results. The availability of such improved techniques has marked a dramatic change in the demand of cosmetic procedures trans-world and more people from foreign contries are heading to India to have cosmetic surgey because of affordabilty and expertise.

The impact of Breast Implants over Breast Feeding

This is one on the most common concerns between women seeking information about an aesthetic breast augmentation that, “In any case, Will the Implants influence future breastfeeding?” Well, the answer is certainely “No”, because the whether the implants are placed below or above the pectoralis muscle, either location they are placed underneath the breast glands. A breast augmentation never disrupts the normal functionality of the breasts. The breast duct which produce milk are not disturbed by the safely placed implants. One another question arises with this procedure is whether the implants will cause increased breast sagging afterwards. But a new study being presented at Plastic Surgery The Meeting, the annual scientific meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Oct. 11-15, in San Diego, found that breastfeeding does not worsen or cause breasts to sag in women with breast implants.

What are Keloids (Raised Scars)

Keloids are those raised scars which refer to the overgrowth of skin tissue following an injury that keep developing with age. It is one of the overly obvious scar problems that bother patients in many ways. The extremity of keloid scars makes the issue a matter of research to the possibilities of treatments. Generally, keloids are not painful but they look ugly and patients are more concerned about getting rid of them due to aesthetic reasons. While many techniques have been used to treat difficult hyper-trophic scars, keloids do not respond to the conventional scar therapies such as excision, radiation etc and there remains quite high recurrence rate. The condition can develop in any individual but there are great chances of the development of keloids in those people who have a history of keloids in their family. It is advised that people who have tendency of developing Keloids should stay away from body piercing because their are great chances that progressive keloids can appear on the pierced site.

What is Micro-Vascular Surgery

Micro vascular Surgery is an operation that requires the use of an operating microoscope, it is performed by a team of plastic & reconstructive surgeons. In such procedures, A flap that is a unit of tissue (skin, fat, muscle, or bone) which is transferred from one site (donor site) to another (recipient site) while maintaining its own blood supply. During a free flap procedure, free tissue transfer, a surgeon detaches at least one vein and one artery (along with the said unit of tissue) from a specific body region, and reattaches the divided artery and vein to another region. A free flap, or free tissue transfer, involves the removal of tissue from an entirely different part of the body. This procedure requires optimal blood supply and advanced micro vascular surgery.

A Swedish otolaryngologist, Carl-Olof Siggesson Nylén (1892–1978), was the father of microsurgery. Modern microvascular techniques are credited to Jacobsen and Suarez who borrowed the use of the operating microscope from their otologic colleagues, in the 1950s. The most obvious developments have been procedures developed to allow anastomosis of successively smaller blood vessels and nerves (typically 1 mm in diameter).

Why Board Certification Matters?

The most important decision after making a choice to have a plastic surgery procedure is to select the right plastic surgeon for you. A qualified surgeon whom can you trust should be well exeperienced in doing such procedures. Board Certification is something that ensures your plastic surgeon has enough experience in perfoming plastic surgery procedures. American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) member surgeon has following:

Has completed at least five years of surgical training with a minimum of two years in plastic surgery.

Is trained and experienced in all plastic surgery procedures, including breast, body, face and reconstruction.

Operates only in accredited medical facilities

Adheres to a strict code of ethics.

Fulfills continuing medical education requirements, including standards and innovations in patient safety.

Is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery or in Canada by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada®

Dr. R. K.Mishra is ASPS cerfied Plastic Surgeon.

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder

BDD or Body Dysmorphic disorder is a psycological condition of people, when a person tends to over-react about some aspect of their physical appearance or behave in over-obsessive way having exaggerated concerns about their looks, it is called to be a major symptom of BDD. These concerns (which may be impractical or unrealistic) lead them to have one or more cosmetic surgery on a much frequent basis or they seek revisional surgeries to achieve the desired result that may be unachievable. Though there are no standard tools that can be helpful in screening BBD. The problem is often diagnosed by the plastic surgeon after the surgery is done when the fact comes out that the patient is not satisfied with results which may be happily accepted by other normal patients. The patients suffering from BDD may return to the same plastic surgeon to achieve their goal and if not treated, they try to find other options to get the desired fulfilled by searching another surgeon.

What is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

The art & practice of plastic surgery encompasses the restoration, rejuvenation and the enhancement of the patient. Typically, Plastic surgery can be divided into two main speicalities: reconstructive & aesthetic/cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed to correct functional impairments caused by burns, traumatic injuries such as facial bone fractures/ breaks, congenital abnormalities such as cleft palates/ cleft lips, developmental abnormalities, infection/ disease and cancer/ tumors. Reconstructive plastic surgery is usually performed to improve function, but it may be done to approximate a normal form or appearance. The surgical field of plastic surgery is quite voluminous and covers many surgical fields to include burn, breast, body contouring, cosmetic, craniofacial, hand, microsurgery, pediatric and occuloplastic surgery.

Smoking Affects Facial Aging

It is always being told to us that smoking is injurious to health but most of us never knew the fact that it also affects the aging factor. In the long duration of time (2007 to 2010) a study at Twins Days Festival, Twinsburg, Ohio took place where the results have shown that smoking is one of the major causes of premature aging. While many factors like sun exposure, alcohol, weight gain or weight loss and depression contribute to premature aging, continuous smoking can make you look more than five years older than your age by affecting your facial features which includes significant changes in upper & lower eye lids’ skin (bagginess), wrinkles and aging lines. It was analysed that the style and selection of smoking devices determine what parts are affected the most by smoking. The data was gathered to examine the aging effects of smoking on the faces of identical twins in that study. Read full article at- Facial Changes Caused by Smoking: A Comparison between Smoking and Nonsmoking Identical Twins.- Facial Changes Caused by Smoking: A Comparison between Smoking and Nonsmoking Identical Twins

The development of Skin Graft

Plastic Surgery has never stood still and it is in a constant state of evolution toward problem solving since the begining of the time. The early 19th century was especially important for the great advnaces in Plastic Surgery such as development of skin grafting, anesthesia and asepsis. In 1817, Sir Astley Cooper performed the first succesful human skin graft, covering the stump of an amputated thumb with skin from the amputated part. Initially Baronio published his experimental work on skin graft in sheep. It was the second half of the 19th century, however, that a more significant development occured in skin grafting. The partial-thickness graft was first applied by Reverdin and followed by many later on. Such grafts, in which the donor area would quickly resurface irself, offered the opportunity to cover large open areas for the first time. At the same time, specialized full thickness grafts for critical areas such the eyelid were perfected by others.

Each Patient is Different and so does His/Her Plastic Surgery Requirement

Plastic Surgery deals with a problem solving approach. We notice that every patient comes with a different problem (rather say challenging problem) requiring a completely unique solution. In Plastic Surgery, solutions are based on specific requirement of the individual patient (Analysis of anatomy of the defect and the requirement for repair or reconstruction). It is an accepted fact that each patient is different from other, and no human face has ever been duplicated. This indicates that everyone’s’ needs vary, are highly individualized. To meet their expectations, very customized or tailored procedures are required.
There are no anatomic barriers in Plastic Surgery as It involves manipulation of skin, soft tissues, and bone- form head to toe. The aim of Plastic Surgery is to keep improving by creative assessment of the requirements for repair & reconstruction to develop new and safer techniques to get the optimal results. It’s quite correct to distinguish between medical science and physician’s art of his creative ideas as to how to give best solutions, rejuvenate and restore each patient’s happy state with maximum satisfaction.

Plastic Surgery & The Recovery Process

It is very common practice that patients begin to assess their results just right after surgery. Even though they are told by their plastic surgeon to avoid trying to make any early assessment of the results in the phase of swelling, bruising and lack of any implant/tissue settling. Thus springs questions (and sometimes endless and persistent from some patients) in the office, by e-mail or on the phone about ‘concerns’ that they have. Many plastic surgeons and their staff often find some of these questions most certainly redundant, occasionally annoying and in some instances frustrating. For the vast majority of these questions, the answers are almost always going to be along the line of ‘this is normal at this point’ or ‘you need to wait and give it more time to heal’. In most cases these answers are reassuring but in some instances patients may find such replies patronizing, dismissive and sometimes even evasive.

These diametric viewpoints in the plastic surgeon-patient relationship are fully understandable as their experience and knowledge levels about the procedure are quite different. Plastic surgeons have seen and done the operation(s) hundreds of times, but the patient has likely never experienced it before. Thus the contrast between commonality and anxiety is born. Or to put it more simply-

Patients See Things in Their Recovery and Worry That Something Is Wrong, The Doctor Often Sees These Events as Normal and Is Thankful that Things Are Going So Well’

What is Plastic Surgery?

Since the Term “Plastic Surgery” involves the word “Plastic”, people historically assume that much of this surgical endeavor involves use of Plastic or some other foreign material in the procedures to achieve the desired effects. But, fortunately, this concept is not a fact at all but a well established or may be widely assumed myth. The word “Plastic” actually derives from a Greek word-“Plastikos” which means to mold, shape or form. In this way, Plastic Surgery actually gives a new and improved shape to the desired or sometimes defected part of the body. There is absolutely no question of putting any kind of plastic in any of the procedure.

Sometimes plastic surgeons use synthetic materials such as silicone gel implants to achieve the enhanced shape but those are quite safe and technically not plastic. Implants are optional and only could be used after you choose & decide to have one in your body.

The Father Plastic Surgery : Sushruta

The Golden Age of Surgery in ancient India rests largely on the accomplishments of Sushruta, who lived about 600 B.C. Sushruta practiced and taught the art of surgery at the University of Benares (Varanasi, India) in the ancient city of the same name, located on the banks of the river Ganges. He is known as the Father of Surgery and Father of Plastic Surgery. His monumental treatise on Surgery, “Susruta Samhita” described reconstructions of the nose & ear lobes with use of tissue transfer techniques. In his Nasal Reconstruction, known yet today as the Indian Method, Sushruta transposed skin from the forehead to replace missing skin of the nose.

He was the First Surgeon to systematise surgery by dividing it into separate fields. He is known for cataract operation, laparotomy, and vesical lithotomy. He also described diabetes. Sushrut Institute of Plastic Surgery (SIPS) has been named after this propounder of Plastic Surgery who inspires us towards perfection & achieving new milestone.

The Father of modern day plastic surgery : Gaspare Tagliacozzi

The father of modern day plastic and cosmetic surgery is credited to Italian surgeon Gaspare Tagliacozzi who lived from 1545 to 1599. He is best known for developing a technique to transfer arm tissue to the face, known as a pedicled arm flap. This was particularly needed for the reconstruction of a disfigured or amputated nose (this was a common problem with noses lost due to dueling or from syphilis). This technique is seen today in the logo of the American Board of Plastic surgery in which a person is seen with their forearm bandaged up against their nose. He was known for other reconstructive procedures of the eyelids, lips and ears but his nasal reconstructions remain his signature procedure.