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Plastic Surgery News & Developments

PRP Treatment for Hair loss

The most advanced Comprehensive & Customized Hair Restoration Methods offered today, are:

1. Conservative Medical Management (micro-injections using PRP)

2. Surgical Treatment (Hair Grafting)

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, also called Regenerative Injection Therapy- for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp. PRP contains several growth factors that may stimulates new growth and increases desity of the hair. it is a safe, effective, natural & convenient way of reversing hair loss and stimulating new hair growth. It’s almost painless, requires no hospital stay and has zero down-time. It is getting very popular these days and quite in-demand due to affordability and quick-ness of overall treatment.

If you’re concerned about hair loss and looking for affordable yet effective treatment, you can consider PRP. Fill the Enquiry Form here to get a customized quote.

Cosmetic Sugery Procedures on the Rise despite of the Pandemic

According to several International news reports, plastic surgeons around the globe are noticing a rise in people getting cosmetic surgeries during the covid-19 outbreak mainly because they can hide a facial surgery behind a mask or work from home. Another reason is that all the clinics and hospitals are taking even stricter measure of cleaning and frequent sanitation which for anyone opting to have a surgery. People say that they can “utilize” this as a great opportunity to recover at home after having a cosmetic surgery since most offices are either closed or allowing work from home due to pandemic.

We are also recording a significant increase in online enquires since we have provided an option to have online consultation (no cost) and get prepared for a medical trip in advance once the travel restrictions are lifted.

8 Ways Aesthetic Surgery Improves Your Health

Aesthetic Surgery is a part of plastic surgery, and many studies support the fact that aesthetic surgery doesn’t only imporoves your body but also improves your health in many ways. Here we are sharing 8 ways Aesthetic Surgery can improve your health:
1. Healthier Lifestyle (people often become more aware of fitness and lead a healthier lifestyle after an aesthetic surgery).
2. Pain Relief (breast reduction takes the load off your chest, leading to better posture and reduced back, neck and shoulder pain).
3. Improved Breathing (nose surgery corrects a deviated septum, hence improved breathing and better oxygen flow is ensured).
4. Improved Vision (droopy eyelids are fixed through blepharoplasty, results in better vision)
5. Healthy heart (fat removal lowers blood pressure and cholesterol).
6. Low Risk of Diabetes (low fat percentage through fat removal reduces insulin dependency, hence reducing risk of developing or worsening of diabetes)
7. Live Longer (all of these things can result in increased life expectancy).
8. Improved Confidence and self esteem (people become more involved in situations that previously seem intimidating).

Corona Virus Facts – What You Must Know about COVID-2019

Who needs to get tested?

India is in the stage-II which means there is no community transmission of the disease yet so NOT EVERYONE needs to be tested for COVID 19 as of now. But those who got in contact with people who’ve been tested COVID-19 positive and those with a history of travel to China, Italy or other high risk countires in last 14 days need to be tested and quarantined for 14 days.

The 14 days’ Quarantine Period

This is where our social responsibility and integrity is being tested. If people flee quarantine, hide or come out in the society, travel, go shopping then they will spread the infection in the community and we will slip into stage III and IV with alarming consequences.

When do you need to get tested?

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has come up with a very informative chart which will not only tell you whether you need to be tested but also provide you with a 24X7 helpline number 011-2397 8046

Act Responsible, Prepare but Don’t Panic

Spread awareness, not rumors and please stop forwarding everything without knowing the authencity, there is a lot of unsubstantiated and unscientific information claiming to be posted by WHO, UNICEF and host of other “authentic sources” gave gone viral and many are seen believing them and vouching for them. Don’t “forward as received”.

Stay alert, healthy and safe. Take Care.

Women’s Day- Not One Day’s Celebration

Happy International Women’s Day!

The history of celebrating women’s day dates back to 08th March, 1913.The day aimed to help nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women. It also focused on helping women gain full and equal participation in global development. The condition of women in our society has surely chaged a lot since then.

Let’s empower every women in our life (partner, family, relative, friends, neighbours, students, teachers and strangers too) by giving them the respect, love and equal opportunity they deserve. Women surely don’t need One special day to celebrate their existence, so let’s not limit this celebration to one day (08th March) and make it a habit to acknowledge their efforts towards making our lives better everyday, any day.

Summer Skin Care- Do this everyday to get Glowing Skin

Psst! we are not talking about costly spas visit or facials because, let’s admit, the internet is flooded by these things but everyone wants look beautiful with the help of natural tips (sepcailly if they come from a ASPS certified Plastic Surgeon) and we’ve got you. Keep on reading.

1. Moisturise, Moisturise and Moisturise- Proper moisturisation is the key to get glowing skin so please sure you apply good amount of water-based moisturiser after bathing to seal all the moisture in. Hydration inside-out is the key, so make sure to drink plenty of water and DO NOT substitute water with other fluids.

2. Apply Sunscreen- I cannot emphasize on this more! Application of good amount and quality of SPF (30 or higher) is a must during ALL Weathers, no Matter its cloudy, raining or sunny outside. Sun is always there to harm your skin, so do not forget the sunscreen whether you stay at home or step outside during the day.

3. Healthy Diet & Exercise- To get the glow that comes from wiithin, you need to take care of your body and skin from within because when you take care of yourself, it shows on your face. Eat lots of veggies, seasonal fruits and fibrous foods. And establish a healthy routine, by incorporating any of your favourite physical activity to your routine- be it playing badminton, dancing or swimming.

But if you have few minor imperfections (everyone has some, and that’s not a bad thing) that bother you and you want to do something about it- like getting a tummy bulge removed, or eye-bags that make you look older than your age, or may be a scar/mole at odd place to make you feel conscious, then you can get it addressed by scheduling a consultation with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon- Dr. R. K. Mishra.

Cosmetic Surgeries become Unique and Practical Gift for Valentine’s Day

For those who are celebrating this Valentine’s day with a partner

Surprise your Lady with A Gift that can Enhance her Beauty for Life.. A LIP AUGMENTATION makes the perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day 👄 Because there is no better time to get most Kissable Lips! 💋 Sweets, teddybear and clothes are boring!🧸🎁🎈💌🍫🥮

The trend is changing, and bold gifts (like a surprise Cosmetic Lip-Job, split earlobe correction, liposuction or Nose-Job) are so in!

Not in a relationship? Show some love to yourself

We all have some imperfections and its okay to have them but it doesn’t mean you have to accept them or live with insecurities associated with them. With progression in cosmetic surgery today, there are a variety of procedures available to correction physical imperfections like thin lips, or split ear lobe, thick lips, fat bulges over tummy, fatty arms or thighs, gynecomastia, nose shape, chin shape/size, breast size and eye bags etc. Don”t Live Another Day feeling insecure!

The Gift of Confidence for Valentine’s Day

Tradition of getting your significant other special Gift on Valentine’s Day has always been there, but the trend of giving boring gifts like sweets, flowers, cards or clothes is rapidly changing. With people getting more aware of their body image and cosmetic surgeries getting increasingly popular, Gift Ideas are taking an interesting twist. We know that our modern society puts great pressure on one’s body image, appearance and overall outlook, since physically attractive people get more easily welcomed professionally and personally. As a result, a new trend of “Gifting Cosmetic Surgery” procedures to loved ones is getting increasingly popular. Initially this change was only welcomed by western countries but since last few years, Indian Cosmetic Surgeons get sudden rise in demand of range of cosmetic surgery procedures nearer to the valentine’s day and it is noticed that people like to surprise their spouse with a gift of cosmetic surgery- a well deserved mommy-makeover, or daddy makeover or procedures like liposuction, nose job, lip-augmentation (there is no better time to get Kissable lips!), breast augmentation and abs-etching make best gift options as they provide permanent correction in that certain physical imperfection that made your better half feel conscious all the time so they feel more confident. Now, if you are looking for some “Gift-spiration” this Valentine’s day, give the “Gift of Confidence” to your better half.

Liposuction can precisely target fat cells beneath the skin anywhere you want: the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and many more areas! Results are long-term and with no downtime! The only thing you’ll feel is some gentle tugging (to give you aesthetic) and you’ll be asleep that makes it painless.

You may want to gift this one a few days early because it’s perfect to prepare for a significant occasion. We have no doubt your partner will fall in love with our range of minimally invasive procedures. Valentine’s dinner date, anyone?

Easy Process of eVisa promotes Indian Medical Tourism

India’s medical tourism sector is not just a source of growing foreign exchange but also prestige and goodwill coming from outside the country. Having supported medical tourism’s rapid growth, the government has issued a list of countries from all around the globe who are eligible to apply for eMedical Visa to allow more people come to India for their short medical treament like cosmetic surgeries. This means residents of any of these countries are excused from hassles of normal visa process as the application is completely ONLINE for any eVisa and even they are allowed to club the activities that are allowed under eTourist Visa and eMedical Visa which means they can enjoy sight-seeing and get their medical treatment on same visa. India has great reputation worldwide when it comes to quality medical treatment on low cost that remain main temptations, apart from beautiful sight-seeing places.

Is it possible to correct just the tip of your nose?

Plastic surgeons often get patients who are only concerned about a very specific part in their nasal structure, such as just the “tip” of it. Such patients wonder if there is any way to fix just the tip of their nose without disturbing any other parts of it as they feel their nose tip is not refined or not sharp enough or a bit bulbous; well the answer to this question is certainly positive but it varies patient to patient and depends on things like if the shape of the nostrils (width), height of the dorsal hump, overall width of nose is fine then tip plasty can be performed to correct the shape of the tip. This is very much doable and Dr. R. K. Mishra is an expert plastic surgeon in performing this surgey to get his patient maximum satisfaction.

Scar after Plastic Surgery

While every individual heals a little differently, all patients can expect some scarring to form along the incision lines after plastic surgery. Plastic Surgeons often choose the location, direction and incision that is least visible after healing. No matter what, a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon will make sure your scar is well-concealed within the natural skin and body’s anatomy. A specific and individualized scar management regiment should be discussed during your consultation, ranging from specialized silicone sheets to silicone gel or a combination of the two. Your plastic surgeon’s post-op instructions will be based on your unique needs and skin quality.

Lucknow becomes Hot Favorite Cosmetic Surgery Destination

Lucknow has become a hot favourite cosmetic surgery destination not just for local urban population of India but also for medical tourists from worldwide (U.S.A., Fiji, Nepal, New Zealand, Dubai, UAE, Spain, Canada, France and England etc.). The singular reason for such a steep rise in cosmetic surgery in Lucknow is because people get world class facilities at more affordable and economical costs. Dr. R. K. Mishra is providing a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures to lower and upper-middle class junta of all parts of India and abroad at SIPS (Sushrut Institute of Plastic Surgery) which is the first Super Specialty Hospital in Lucknow. His virtual presence helps people to easily find him and consult him online before reaching for a surgery.

eTourist Visas mark growth of Indian medical tourism

India’s medical tourism sector is not just a source of growing foreign exchange but also prestige and goodwill coming from outside the country. Having supported medical tourism’s rapid growth, the government has issued a list of 151 countries from all around the globe whose nationals can come to India for their short medical treament. This means not all foreigners require a Medical Visa as they can travel on a eVisa if they belong to any of the countries mentioned in the list. The list include Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Fiji, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UAE, United Kingdom, USA, Zimbabwe and many other major contouries

World Plastic Surgery Day (15th July 2016)

Plastic surgery is not just about making changes to someone’s face and body image, as commonly perceived by people. Plastic Surgery originated in ancient India when saint surgeon Shusruta (600 BC) started reconstruting noses with forehead skin using an amazingly ingenious technique to help those whose noses were damaged by trauma etc. This technique is still used in modern plastic surgery to reconstruct noses. Plastic surgery has two broad divisions- reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is designed to repair a damaged area to bring it closer to normal form and function. Cosmetic surgery is designed to make you from the normal to the beautiful. Plastic surgery therefore play a very important role in catering to the human needs at various levels by improving the form & function of human body and bringing normalcy and joy to the patient’s life.

Daddy Makeover- Because it’s Father’s Day (19th June 2016)

As the male body ages, certain areas can become more susceptible to fat accumulation. Areas such as the abdomen, flanks (love handles), under-chin and chest may begin to harbor fat and make you look older. Moreover, weight gain and fluctuations can cause the skin to become stretched, particularly in the middle years when the skin starts to lose its elasticity. Unfortunately, even if the weight is shed, the skin will not return to a taut state. Much like the skin of a post-pregnancy body, a man’s skin can hang loosely after weight loss, creating an unshapely effect. A Daddy Makeover and healthy lifestyle can help re-establish a more pleasing contour. Daddy Makeover includes few surgical procedures that can be customized as per your requirement, these procedures are- Gyencomastia Correction, Tummy-tuck, Face-lift, Blepharoplasty and Liposuction. Schedule your consultation with Dr. R. K. Mishra to get customized quotation for your needs.

India is set to become no. 1 Medical Tourism Destination

As healthcare turns costlier in developed countries, cost arbitrage and availability of accredited facilities are drawing hundreds to India. Witnessing an annual growth of 30% in medical tourism, India set to become the no. 1 destination. From aggregating various options to offering value-added services such accommodation and sightseeing, professionals in the field are going to the extent of making a medical trip for a visitor as convenient as a vacation. While lower costs have always buoyed India’s position as a favoured medical tourist spot, cost is not the only reason for drawing people. Besides cost, it is the quality of care and a personalised experience. With non-metros like Lucknow offering lower rates for the same level of medical quality, care and service, the professionals foresee substantial growth in such cities. Though availability of direct flights has a significant bearing on the decision of the location, its not an issue for people to take one more connecting flight to reach Lucknow for the sake of its Nawabi era, finesse, amazing food and a unique mix of the ancient and the modern.

Travel Makeover- A New Way to Spend Vacations

Many of us travel across the coutries in search of excellent destinations for our vacations, but recently, many people have started researching the places where they can get their “Travel-Makeover” and quality time visiting most famous locations both at the same time. Many Travelers move internationally in search of affordable prices of cosmetic surgery and tourist attraction places where they can get their cosmetic surgery makeovers from reputable professionals and recover in a resort or while out exploring the world. India is one of the best places for this purpose. India is known to produce many fine doctors who later immigrate to the foreign countries and become integral parts of their medical system. By going to them, travelers can pay as low as 10 percent of foreign countries for various surgeries, knowing that India is famous for the doctors it produces. With the savings you acquire, you could live lavishly and visit the Taj Mahal, or any of the other wonders of the seventh biggest country on Earth.

India is One of the Fastest Growing Plastic Surgery Industries

According to a report published by Persistence Market Research (PMR), Asia is expected to show high growth rates in the next five years in global plastic surgery field due to increasing awareness about plastic surgery procedures and growing medical tourism industry. India and China are expected to be the fastest growing plastic surgery fields in Asia. This is due to rising aging population and high adoption rates of aesthetic products in these regions. In recent time, rising number of geriatric people along with growing demand for retaining young and beauty is key driver for the global plastic surgery field. In addition, technological advancement in surgeries and rising number of obese and over-weight people have also fuelled the growth of global plastic surgery field.

Aarthi Agarwal’s Death: Can Liposuction be fatal?

Telugu film actress Aarthi Agarwal’s recent tragic death is viral over the Internet space. The actress passed away reportedly after having liposuction about a month before her death. This tragic end her life led many liposuction seekers to doubt about the safety and success & utility of liposuction, and people are wondering how risky can it be. The Telugu actress, who had undergone a liposuction surgery about a month ago, died on Friday night, 5 June due a cardiac arrest following aggravated respiratory problems, as her manager and father informed the media. Earlier it was being rumoured that she died of complications post liposuction but the complications occurred with her are not particular complications of liposuction surgery entirely, this can happen to any such person who have a secondary health conditions (she reportedly had asthma and respiratory problems) after any surgical procedure and not specifically after liposuction. She had consulted with a Hyderabad-based plastic and cosmetic surgeon earlier and expressed her desire to go under the knife to look slim. The surgeon had turned her away, stating that she would not be benefited from liposuction because she had generalized fat in her overall body (such as intra-abdominal fat or fat in internal organs) and liposuction cannot remove fat from the whole body. Liposuction is suitable only for those who are otherwise healthy and fit but have localized deposits of fat in several areas of their body such as tummy, thighs and arms etc. Anybody having secondary health condition (such as asthma, thyroid) should not opt for liposuction until and unless the condition is well controlled and it becomes safe to undergo the surgery.

Get Rid of Tummy Fat Permanently

People who maintain a steady weight, Women and men who are overweight or of relatively normal weight but having isolated tummy bulge causing their body to appear disproportionate are particularly well suited to tummy-liposuction or tummy fat reduction. Though anyone who is otherwise healthy can go for it and it is possible to undergo tummy-liposuction at almost any age, best results (almost flat tummy) can be obtained if one’s skin still has enough elasticity to achieve a smooth contour following fat removal. Inelastic skin as in some older patients or after in women’s tummy after childbirth may not recover well with liposuction alone, making a skin tightening procedure (like abdominoplasty/tummy-tuck) inevitable for better results. Many women do have a hanging pouch of skin consisting of more skin rather than fat in lower tummy after pregnancy which has to be removed directly as this will not be responding to liposuction alone. A tummy tuck is also an option for men or women who were once obese and still have excess fat deposits or loose skin around the belly.

One in Five Indians is Seriously Considering Cosmetic Surgery

The growth of cosmetic surgical procedures has been tremendous over the decade due to several factors. This is mainly due to the increased exposure to the globalization and self-awareness. When a country becomes rich and the average quality of life of its people is rising, people are inclined to focus more on their appearance with the increasing freedom of money and time. Cosmetic surgery developed further to satisfy women’s basic desire to be beautiful, for those willing to undergo cosmetic surgery to attain such beauty. One of the other major factors is that, we have left behind those days when cosmetic surgery procedures were said to be exclusively for “females”. With the easily accessible information and the availability of day care procedures at an affordable price, men have also started counting it in their favorite lists. More and more people are currently pursuing or planning to pursue plastic surgery, according to a new study commissioned by RealSelf, an online community devoted to cosmetic procedures.

Mental Health hampers Breast Development in Teen Girls

The official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)’s December issue reported that differences in breast size have a significant mental health impact in adolescent girls, affecting self-esteem, emotional well-being, and social functioning. The researchers evaluated psychosocial functioning and health-related quality of life in 59 adolescents and young women (12 to 21 years) with breast asymmetry. In all patients, the breasts differed by at least one bra cup size. Similar evaluations were performed in a group of girls without breast asymmetry, and in girls with macromastia (overlarge breasts). Mean age was about 17 years in all groups. About 40 percent of girls with breast asymmetry had tuberous breast deformity, a congenital condition in which the breasts don’t develop normally. Several aspects of mental health and well-being were lower for girls with breast asymmetry, compared to those with “normal” breasts.

Steroids are one the many causes of Gynecomastia

While there is a very long list of causes that trigger the disruption of the hormone levels and cause gynaecomastia (excess breast tissue in men); steroids can be blamed for the rising number of this medical condition. A major portion of our population is getting over weight and obese due to poor eating habits and lifestyle, and maybe some increased steroid usage in the gym, they are certainly populations that we see an increased number in gynaecomastia cases. Experts report says that STEROIDS and obesity are to blame for a spike in male breast reduction surgeries according to this report: rise in WA cases of male breast correction surgery. In fact, steroids are considered dangerous drugs for health and many countries has taken control over their use. In the US the consumption of androgenic anabolic steroids is governed by severe laws, whom infringement might end up with years of detention. Thus, in this state steroids are classified as Schedule III controlled substances. This means that you are not allowed to manufacture, produce, sell or possess steroids.

Cosmetic Surgery and Career

The news of “graduates having cosmetic surgery” has recently hit the newspapers in UK. A metro magazine reported that Chinese graduates were having cosmetic surgery to impress their interviwers. According to this news, one 24-year-old job hunter interviewed (wishes to remain anonymous) says: ‘When two candidates with similar ability compete for the same position, there’s no doubt that the interviewer will choose that prettier one.’ It is standard practice in China and almost in every part of the world to enclose a picture with your CV. The popular and most sought procedures are eyelid surgery to give Chiense people a western look and a nose job to get their facial features enhanced. These surgeries have ‘really changed something’ in their life as their confidence improved with the chances of landing their dream jobs. There is absolutely no doubt that cosmetic surgery improves the job prospects and candidate’s competetive power because they feel more confident about their looks. Cosmetic surgery not only makes the most of your appearance, but it also boosts self-esteem, which is key to successful job hunting.

Glasses can save you from Early Wrinkling!

Are you starting to get crows feet wrinkles around your eyes? Check your glasses! These type of wrinkles are often seen in patients that squint. First, make sure that if you need visual correction, you’re using the appropriate glasses or contacts lenses. You should also wear sunglasses on bright days to avoid squinting for a clear view. Sunglasses will protect fragile skin under eyes and will also prevent you from squinting in the sun, saves your eyes from ultraviolet rays and also saves the skin around your eyes from wrinkling as sun is considered to be a nenemy of your bare skin and causes wrinkling very early. So don’t hesitate to wear sunglasses, after all its a matter of early aging as you start to appear aged just because of your eyes that can make you look fresh or lathargic (and sunglasses are fashion friendly too) and go flaunt your sunglasses whenever you step out in the sun.

Big, Fat and Insured

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In modern times, the adage could well change to beauty lies in the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon. The pain and perils of cosmetic surgery are well-known but the quest for lasting youth and beauty has meant that more people than ever are willing to go under the knife. But what if you even do not have to pay for getting your good looks surgically? May be you have a hard luck on this matter, but a mumbaikar who weighted approx 79 Kg got baritric surgery reporttedly covered by insurance. Usually, insurance providers do not consider cosmetic surgeries to be covered and skip for bariatric surgery as well. But this resident od Mumbai succeded in convincing their insurance company that the sought surgery was life saving instead of merely a cosmetic one. Insurance expert Sanjay Datta said, “If obesity is life-threatening, companies contemplate passing claims. But it will depend on a case-to-case basis and has to be rightly substantiated by doctors. Companies provide insurance to obesity surgery if proved it’s being done for serious health ailments.”

Breast Augmentation Improves Quality of Life

Women undergoing breast augmentation surgery report substantial gains in psychosocial and sexual well-being and other aspects of quality of life, according to a study in the April issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Considering the fact that almost every woman sees her breasts as the valuable assets and it’s natural if she is quite conscious about her bosoms. She does whatever it takes to have a set of perky & fuller breasts. If there was a survey where you can ask women about the satisfaction with the size of their breast, most answers will be negative because the perfect full cups are every woman’s fantasy. The desire to have more projecting breasts ups the confidence and sensuality quotient in females. There are many reasons that bring women into a thought process of having an aesthetic breast surgery such as the desire to look more beautiful, maintain the curves after childbirth, the pressure to be physically appealing to their romantic partners and the importance of body image in competitive job markets that lead many aging women to consider cosmetic breast surgery. An aesthetic breast surgery is designed to cater to the unique needs of women who feel that their breast size is not satisfactory and they should go for an aesthetic breast augmentation to get the desired size to boost their confidence in an unprecedented way.

The Biology of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks; appear as white or red depressed lines on the skin over specific parts of body, occur often after pregnancy, puberty and significant weight gain or loss. These marks are such an aesthetic bane that never improves on their own. There are many advertisements that claim to improve or remove these marks but the fact indicated by the researches and studies is that only sheer number of treatments, if any; are effective in eliminating them so far. The anatomical design of these stretch marks describes the reason of behind being these scars untreatable that the stretch marks are anatomically different from the normal skin. The red stretch marks occur due to reduction and reorganization of the elastin fibers and structural changes in the collagen while, on the other hand; the most common seen white or pale stretch marks appear due to epidermal atrophy and densely packed thin collagen bundles arranged horizontally, parallel to the surface of the skin similar to a hypertrophic scar. The changes appeared due to stretch marks on the skin remain irreversible and permanent by today’s technology.

Eliminate those Little Imperfections of Your Body through Liposuction

Liposuction assumes utmost importance for Indians considering their genetic predisposition to typical patterns of weight gain like Double chin, Belly Bags, Saddle Bags or Hip Bags. Liposuction can be an ideal way to address these problem areas. By specifically targeting the areas that bother you the most, it can help your body look amazing in many different places you mostly feel isolated fatty pockets. Liposuction may be performed by the best liposuction surgeon of your area on the abdomen, hips, thighs, calves, arms, buttocks, back, neck, face or enlarged male breast (gynecomastia). If you’re happy overall with your body but the feeling of frustration over stubborn spots sounds all too familiar, it might be time to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Together, you can develop a treatment approach to make the most out of your existing assets, and eliminate those little imperfections for good. The patient must have realistic expectations and it comes flowing that satisfaction to the liposuction is closely tied to expectations. Obviously, a significant factor is the liposuction cost but more vital than price, however, is the standards of safety, privacy and the intensity of care provided before and after the procedure.

A Healthy Summer Routine

With summers round the corner, it’s time to gear up to fight the heat. And so that you have a good time even when the temperatures soar, follow these simple steps to have a healthy & refreshing summers:

Ditch the harmful Sunrays
The best way to avoid sunburn is to cover your skin to the maximum when you move out. The more skin you expose the more are the chances are to get a sunburn. Besides try to avoid direct contact with the sun between 10 am to 4 pm.

Say Yes to Fluids
During summers, dehydration becomes a major issue. So drink as much fluids as possible and keep it regular. Drink as much water as you can. Besides, include fresh juices, lime water, juicy fruits and other heath drink in your diet to avoid dehydration.

Keep Exercising
Many of you would think it’s too hot and time to stop going for your exercise regimen. But you should continue exercising as it keeps you fit and healthier round the year. Instead of going out for jogging, move your activities indoors. Join a gym, go swimming or take up other indoor sports like badminton and table tennis.

Healthy Diet for the Festive Season

You’ve spent the last few months fighting winter and now its spring time known as eating-centred festive season. Winter makes you fat as you limit your physical activites and later it becomes difficult to shed those extra pounds. With spring fever, the beautiful blooming buds inspire you to take your health a step further, its perfect time to practice new healthy diet; different from what you were taking for last few months. A controled diet helps you to balance your intake and out take and in this festive season, you need to consider healthy eating to health-fully celebrrate the fun. Let us suggest you some secret tips that will help you to stay active and maintain your figure: Try ditching full-fat dairy products, grab small bites from the plates instead of whole piece of sweets, indulge yourself into games that involves physical activities, don’t arrive on a friend’s or relative’s place with a growling stomach (try taking smart snacks before you leave home, you’ll still be hungry enough to enjoy the food but not so hungry that you over-eat), Eat more fibrous food and last but not the least, include lots of fluid (water, juices, skimmed milk) in your diet. This way, you can enjoy the festive season without storing fat in your body.

How to choose your Cosmetic Surgeon

If you have decided that cosmetic surgery is what you want, the next important step is choosing the right surgeon to do the procedure. You should do your homework, take time to learn about the options and find the right doctor for your needs. Everyone knows that going under knife for the sake aesthetic reasons takes great courage and the role of proper information in making a right decision is most important. The last thing you will ever want to do is to just jump in to random doctor’s clinic without knowing their credibility and get operated without proper information. And if you do so; it will certainly lead you to bad results, waste of money and time as well as the pain involved. We strongly recommend that one should gather all the required details about the procedure which he or she is about to receive or planning to undergo, and it is doctor’s duty to educate people about the possibilities and limitations of cosmetic surgery. The things to consider while choosing the right surgeon are: Experience, Credentials, Board Certification and Price. Cosmetic surgery is one area where bargain hunting is not advisable because low prices are most likely to compromise with the quality of services. A standard price is the right price for good service.

Breast Feeding Reduces chances of Breast Cancer

A recent study of breast cancer risk in India revealed that one in 28 women develops breast cancer during her lifetime. This is higher in urban areas (one in 22) compared to rural areas, where the risk is lower at one in 60 women. One of other reasons is- working women of urban areas hardly get time to breastfeed their baby due to their busy schedule. A fact revealed that women who breast-feed their baby for a year over their lifetime, not necessarily continuously, are five per cent less likely to develop breast cancer than those who don’t breast-feed at all, an analysis of cancer statistics by the World Cancer Research Fund found. The longer a woman breast-feeds, the lower her chances of getting the disease. It’s thought that breast-feeding lowers the levels of cancer-related hormones in the mother’s blood. When breast-feeding ends, the body gets rid of damaged cells that could turn cancerous. Though Breastfeeding invites sagginess in the breast but that can be resolved through an Aesthetic Breast Surgery later and we advice our clients to breastfeed their baby because its beneficial for mother & child both.

Gynecomastia: Truths & Myths

Many Patients come to me with a concern whether gynecomastia can be treated through medication or oil/creams? Well, My short answer to them is a “No”. While Gynexin is a widely advertised product that claims to get rid of the gynecomastia. and the main ingredient Chromium Picolinate is used in many diet supplements and some studies support the fact that it can act as a “fat burner” but Does it make sense that if the product worked how does it just target the male chest? The University of Maryland Medical Center warns that taking Chromium Picolinate for fat reduction could interfere with several medications including antacids and diabetes medications. I would recommend to check out on google “Gynexin reviews” be sure they are actual reviews by men that have tried it and not affiliated with the company. You might save yourself some money. In fact, there is no other way like creams or oils etc to reduce the male breasts. Its all a marketing gimmick and waste of money & time. Beware of such kind of fake advertisements that claim to reshape your chest naturally. A boy 22 yrs of age who had Very large Male breasts developed skin burns when he tried to reduce breasts by using a so called, ‘slimming heat belt’

Cosmetic Surgery Boosts Self Confidence

Having cosmetic surgery is a personal choice, yet it is true that cosmetic surgery helps in elevating the mental illness that refers to the individuals who are more consumed with their physical appearance that they let it affect their peace of mind. There are even some mental disorders which solely relate to the body image such as body dysmorphic disorders and aneroxia. They experience emotional turmoil and alienation because of the dissatisfaction with their appearance. By improving the body image, cosmetic surgery installs confidence and adds to the sense of well-being.

With the availability of cosmetic surgery these days at a pretty price, people are now able to achieve a beautiful self image. Though some pain & hard work is involved in cosmetic surgical procedures, people seem to not mind it due to great outcomes at the end.

Cosmetic Surgery is No More just “Female’s Thing”

We have left behind those days when cosmetic surgery procedures were said to be exclusively for “Females”. With the easily accisible information and the availability of day care procedures at a affordable price, Men have also started counting it in their favorite lists. Men are now much more conscious about their looks than they used to be. Cosmetic Surgery has become more popular between all genders. About seventy percent of these cosmetic surgery seekers men are from middle class and beteem 20-40 years of age groups. Three procedure are most popular among male patients which are- Male Breast Correction, Hair Transplant and Liposuction. While most older men opt for Hair Transplant to treat their receding hairline, men in early or late twenties go for liposuction and gynecomastia correction. There are also a considerable number on men in their late thirties who are seeking help to improve their personal life with the help of intimate surgeries. Watch Video

An Innovative Scar-less Approach in Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecosmastia (Male Breasts) usually requires no attention, unless patient feels uncomfortable or embarrassed due to aesthetic reasons. The gynecomastia surgery is basically sought for aesthetic purpose and such operation should not leave any tell-tale signs of the procedure. The established techniques that have been used to treat gyneocomastia are said to have relatively less patient satisfaction rate as they leave some visible scars or mild elevation over the nipple areola complex, resulting aesthetically unsatisfactory results. Even the slightest elevation or smallest incision over nipple areola complex leave patients in a dilemma of having a second intervention or causes self consciousness. We consider a trans-areolar incision to remove these tough glandular tissues to achieve flat chest and eliminate any elevation caused by fibro glandular component over the nipple areola complex. Our technique is relatively simple and retrieves any volume of the tough fibro-glandular breast tissue without leaving any visible scars on the nipple areola complex, unlike periareolar incision or other invasive techniques. Watch Video

Effective, Safe & Satisfying Plastic Surgery

It takes much of courage to deside about having a surgery for aesthetic reasons. Cosmetic Surgery is for those who want to enhance their physical features or simply just to correct any awkward feature (like Gynecomastia Surgery-Male Breasts Correction and Nose Job is gaining much popularity for excellent outcomes). There is a great role of counselling and consultation in the decision making process of having a surgical procedure. Each patient needs undivided attention and one or more sessions of counselling. It is the responsibility of the Surgeon and his team to make the overall experience pleasant, safe and satisfying for the patients through effective treatment and optimal results.

Plastic Surgery in Minors

The reason that makes teenagers’ desire to look more beautiful is mostly their social groups of peers and sometimes, internet that is flooded with various procedures available to improve one’s looks. Most of these so called “gurantee programs” are fake but unfortunately, successfully fool youngsters because they merely share their exaggerated desire to look more attractive with anyone. Such unrealistic expectations don’t get approval of their parents. But another aspect of this issue is Many teenagers (under 18 years of age) are going through various plastic surgery procedures under their parent’s consent to improve a awkward physical feature or anything that makes themselves conscious about their body but any unrealistic expectation goes unsupported. Many plastic surgeons perform procedures on minors as attested to the over 75,000 operations reported by the members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2012.

India: Hub for Affordable Medical Procedures

India has originated as a global hot spot for medical tourism. The development of medical tourism has been largely influenced by the fact that plastic surgery costs differ notably. Naturally, people living in the countries where plastic surgery costs are higher than somewhere abroad, will go abroad. It may be very advantageous because the sum of money left from the difference in prices not only covers additional expenses such as for transportation, accommodation and leisure, but still there is a lot of saving too. People who anyway plan to travel to India to have a cosmetic surgery, have an opportunity to combine the excitement offered by travel and changes in their appearance and life at the same time. Safe Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Good Results, Warm Indian Hospitality and very nominal costs are our specialties.

Three Things Women with Breasts Implants should know

After having decided that you are going for Breast Implants Surgery, you may bother about the care that may needed for implants later. Well, this is not a matter of concern because the implants become normal parts in your body within time as body accepts them, but there are few things that may help to maintain the health and life of implants. These recommendations are:

Choosing the Right Bra: Breasts Implant adds weight to the breasts, so there may be chances of sagging or looseness with time. But if you wear a support bra which gives great support all day long to avoid such condition.

Massage: Massage is considered a great exercise for breasts. If you do massage once or twice a week that involves moving weight of the breasts up & towards the chest to make sure the implants move naturally as your own breast tissue.

Hygiene: It is necessary that you live in hygienic conditions. This can be reason that many women prefer taking anti-biotics before having a dental check up. It prevents the normal bacteria (that lives in our mouth) to enter into blood stream while dental check up (including teeth cleaning). If these bacteria end up in the capsule around the breast implants, it is possible to develop a subclinical infection. This in turn can cause the capsule to thicken and the breast to feel firmer. That is to say, it can promote the formation of a capsular contracture.

The Other Side of a Patient’s Problem

In our daily pratice, its quite a strange thing that we see is- patients sometimes seek information for a completely different procedure from what they actually need (or say what a plastic surgeon thinks they need the most). Major physical characteristics do not bother some people as much as very minor anatomic variations. It is because the psychological impact of society (family, friends, collegues etc) or deeply emotional aspect of the issue as they may be teased since childhood or rejected/ditched by partner, or may be simply jealous of any friend etc. So they start to notice what is pointed by others instead of the real problem and arises the “influenced need”. To put it more simply, it can not always be logical that why a person is more concerned about his specific body part, sometimes there are emotional reasons behind that need. A plastic surgeon acts upon the expectations of the patients and educate them about the procedure they ask for. He never tries to divert their mind from one procedure to another but surely makes them understand how their problem can be solved and how realistic expectations can help them in decision making, obviously, by not forcing any plastic surgery on them.

Fight Against Breast Cancer

Knowing you could be more at risk for certain cancers is a breakthrough of modern medicine. Researches are continuously shedding light on the role genes play in determining the cancer risk, and genetic counselors can offer valuable information for women facing very difficult decisions. With so many treatment options, genetic counselors are becoming a valuable asset to women as they decide how to battle their cancer. Research shows mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes can lead to an increased risk for several types of cancer in both men and women; but they’re better known for an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women. Though, The mutations are relatively rare in the general population, it’s up to an 80 percent lifetime risk to develop breast cancer, and up to a 40 to 50 percent risk to develop ovarian cancer in their lifetime.

Winter Skin Care Routine

Winter is here and We love the sun in this time of the year. Well, I must tell the sun-lovers that it doesn’t love you back. We all like to sit in the sun with maximum area of our skin exposed to get the benefit of it but in all that we do, we forget one thing that the harmful UVA & UVB Rays (produced by sun itself) are still on, and these rays are never kind to our skin (even in the winters!). So what should I do to protect my skin in winter? Glad that you asked! You just need to keep few things in mind (every winters and every season) to use good quantity as well as quality sun-protection creams or lotions (according to your skin type or better, take your plastic surgeon’s advice). Your skin’s special demands in winters is always more hydration as it turns dry very soon in this season. So just reduce the use of cleansers that contains chemicals such as the alpha hydroxyl acids (think glycolic acid) that makes your skin dry. Back off to using it the other day (if you use it daily) or use it once/twice a week. Moisturizer is the food for your skin as it works as a barrier against cold so keep applying it at least twice everyday (on all the exposed parts of the body).

The Need of Body Contouring Surgery after Massive Weight Loss

A massive weight loss can be a result of Gastric bypass surgery, or even persistent efforts at diet and exercise, can also result in large amounts of weight loss. With this weight loss often comes a lot of loose and sagging skin (enlarged skin without volume) over many parts of the body. This has resulted in a number of body contouring procedures that removes this excess skin. We recommend our patients to wait until their weight has been stabilized to get the optimal results out of body contouring procedures and thats why such efforts at bariatric plastic surgery is not usually done for a year after gastric bypass to ensure that the weight loss is sustained and the patient’s metabolic state is stabilized. Body contouring after weight loss includes removing skin (and/or fat deposits) from Arms, tummy, thighs, uppor and lower back and as per patient’s requirement.

Below is the link of “Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal of American Society of PLastic Surgeons” where studies have shown that Body Cotouring Procedures not only help patients to enhance their physique and remove unwanted signs of weight loss but also maintain the long term effects of weight control. Click here to read full article- Plastic Surgery Improves Long-Term Weight Control after Bariatric Surgery

When is the Right Time for a Mommy Makeover

When it is time to consider surgery, we urge all patients to do their homework before having surgery. After the birth of a child, it takes several months for your body to return to its pre-pregnancy form. During pregnancy, the body makes hormones and changes to allow for the birth and growth of the new child. Not only does the abdomen have to stretch to accommodate the growing child, but breasts engorge to help provide milk for the baby. Once these changes are no longer necessary, the skin will contract to varying degrees in an effort to return the body to its pre-pregnancy state. These surgeries are body contouring procedures, not weight loss procedures. To ensure that you have a long-lasting result, It’s important to have stopped breast-feeding because your breasts need to return to their normal size and shape and stop producing milk. Additionally, we advise patients to have completed their family before proceeding.

Angelina Jolie’s brave decision is saving lives

Ever since The Famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie revealed that she had both of her breasts removed, many other women are getting proactive to find out their risk of getting breast cancer. More than 175 events took place across the U.S. and Canada on october 16th, 2013 as everyone celebrated BRA Day (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day) to help spreading awareness and educate women about Breast Reconstruction options after cancer. Dr. Jay Orringer who treated actress Angelina Jolie when she underwent reconstructive surgery after a preventive double mastectomy earlier this year, explained that the actress’s decision to have the mastectomy has encouraged other women to be proactive about their health care. The plastic surgeon who was part of Angelina Jolie’s medical team for her double mastectomy and breast reconstruction spoke publicly for the first time since Jolie’s surgery. He discussed the “team approach” to breast cancer care in which reconstruction options are part of the conversation a woman has with her doctors before she has a mastectomy. ‘I’m seeing in my practice already women who are saying, ‘I was inspired by that to get gene testing,” Orringer says. “We commend Ms. Jolie’s courageous decision to share her personal story. It has expanded the discussion on this important women’s health issue,” Dr. Jonathan Weiser, MD, of Physician’s Institute said in a statement at one of the events.

The secrets of beautiful modern Mommies

All of us have an obsession with celebrities at different stages of our lives, and we Indians are well aware (or I say typically obsessed) of Bollywood faces like Aishwarya Rai or Shilpa Shetty. We have enjoyed watching all their life events for nearly a decade, and recently they have become quite famous for the birth of their babies. During the post-pregnancy period, these fashion divas have set fashion trends with their maternity wear, and the body changes. They have just started their journey, and talk of a “mommy makeover” is premature, but as we watch these moms, we may wonder that is normal. Through the lens of page-3 photos, we may be under the illusion that celebrity moms return to their pre-baby selves instantaneously; however, it is important to understand that all transformations take time. While thoughts of a mommy makeover are far from their mind, we have to remember that each of us will recover from pregnancy at different rates, and we just need to enjoy the journey.

Breast Augmentation Decision Making Porcess

Breast augmentation is one of the most rewarding body contouring procedures of all cosmetic surgeries. Woman have many choices of implant options, incision locations, implant placement and size considerations during the consultation, there are many decisions that a women has to make before her breast augmentation surgery. Women will also have other questions that relate to their recovery and the long-term effects. To help women organize their thoughts and make sure they make the right decision, I have listed few things below that a woman should check before making any decision-

1. You should do it for yourself and not for any other person or to fit any ideal image or under any kind of mental pressure.

2. What size of your breasts are right now and what size you want them to be? Your expectations should be realistic.

3. You should make sure that if you want only an augmentation or a lift along with it.

4. your need to assess few things by yourself-

a) The symmetry between both breasts, many woman have differnece in the sizes as a result of weight loss etc.

b). The shape, position & size of the nipples should be self-assessed beforehand, and should be informed to the doctor if you want any changes in that too.

c) If you can feel any lumps in your breasts, it should be informed to your surgeon.

Gynecomastia: Not Just A Cosmetic Issue!

Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by abnormally enlarged male breasts.  The condition of over-developed or enlarged breasts in men, is common in men of any age. It can be the result of hormonal changes, heredity conditions, disease or the use of certain drugs. In a survey, boys with gynecomastia were compared to healthy, unaffected peers of the same age and gender with respect to physical, social and emotional well-being. The adolescents with gynecomastia were found to have significantly lower measures of mental health, self-esteem and social functioning. Boys with gynecomastia also had higher rates of disordered eating thoughts and behaviors than their peers. In some cases, when gynecomastia is present, there is a need for an endocrinologist to rule out any other hormonal disorders.

Solution to the Problem: The Male Breasts surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. You can happily go home either on the same day of the surgery or an overnight stay may be required. All the normal activities can be resumed from next day.

Abdominal Fat Collection: Common Problem with Indian Females

No matter how skinny you may be, if you are a female and your mother has a protruding lower belly then probably you are most likely to have it on your abdomen too. It is a general tendency in 90 percent of Indian females, whether they are married or not. Most of them have their lower abdomen slightly bulging out since the teenage which can rarely be removed through exercise or dieting. And the worst part is when they start gaining weight with time, fat starts to collect in this region very fast making this area more protruding like the 5-6 months’ pregnant women. This fat deposition can be removed through Liposuction so easily and it is one of the commonest cosmetic surgery procedure performed nowadays. It effectively removes fat that cannot be lost by diet or exercise.

Sutures & Healing

It is common practice to have sutures from surgery or a laceration repair removed after 7 to 10 days, if one has stitches of the non-dissolvable type. But the main reason that external sutures are removed is to prevent a type of scarring known as tracking or railroad marks, not because the wound is actually healed very well.

The outermost layer of the skin, known as the epithelium, bridges or joins back together quite quickly in a week or so. But the deeper layers of the wound have not joined back together by even three weeks after surgery, having about 10% of normal tissue strength. This is why plastic surgeons place deeper sutures on the underside of the skin which is where the real support in suture repair is created. These internal dissolvable sutures take months to break down, giving the wound plenty of time to knit together and develop more and more towards normal tissue strength.

Real Patient’s Experience

Plastic surgery is a journey that starts with a desire or concern that becomes a process from the consultation to the last bit of recovery after surgery. While the media & internet is filled with plastic surgery ‘problem’ and apparent unfulfilled expectation, what occurs in the typical plastic surgery patient? Like most stories that are newsworthy, a normal happy patient is not very interesting or of much interest. Thus the public’s perception of plastic surgery can become a little skewed. In a new European study just released, researchers have found most plastic surgery patients report a boost in self confidence and more fulfilled life after their surgery.