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May 11, 2022

Winter Skin Care Routine

Winter is here and We love the sun in this time of the year. Well, I must tell the sun-lovers that it doesn’t love you back. We all like to sit in the sun with maximum area of our skin exposed to get the benefit of it but in all that we do, we forget one thing that the harmful UVA & UVB Rays (produced by sun itself) are still on, and these rays are never kind to our skin (even in the winters!). So what should I do to protect my skin in winter? Glad that you asked! You just need to keep few things in mind (every winters and every season) to use good quantity as well as quality sun-protection creams or lotions (according to your skin type or better, take your plastic surgeon’s advice). Your skin’s special demands in winters is always more hydration as it turns dry very soon in this season. So just reduce the use of cleansers that contains chemicals such as the alpha hydroxyl acids (think glycolic acid) that makes your skin dry. Back off to using it the other day (if you use it daily) or use it once/twice a week. Moisturizer is the food for your skin as it works as a barrier against cold so keep applying it at least twice everyday (on all the exposed parts of the body).