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May 11, 2022

Three Things Women with Breasts Implants should know

After having decided that you are going for Breast Implants Surgery, you may bother about the care that may needed for implants later. Well, this is not a matter of concern because the implants become normal parts in your body within time as body accepts them, but there are few things that may help to maintain the health and life of implants. These recommendations are:

Choosing the Right Bra: Breasts Implant adds weight to the breasts, so there may be chances of sagging or looseness with time. But if you wear a support bra which gives great support all day long to avoid such condition.

Massage: Massage is considered a great exercise for breasts. If you do massage once or twice a week that involves moving weight of the breasts up & towards the chest to make sure the implants move naturally as your own breast tissue.

Hygiene: It is necessary that you live in hygienic conditions. This can be reason that many women prefer taking anti-biotics before having a dental check up. It prevents the normal bacteria (that lives in our mouth) to enter into blood stream while dental check up (including teeth cleaning). If these bacteria end up in the capsule around the breast implants, it is possible to develop a subclinical infection. This in turn can cause the capsule to thicken and the breast to feel firmer. That is to say, it can promote the formation of a capsular contracture.