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May 11, 2022

The Other Side of a Patient’s Problem

In our daily pratice, its quite a strange thing that we see is- patients sometimes seek information for a completely different procedure from what they actually need (or say what a plastic surgeon thinks they need the most). Major physical characteristics do not bother some people as much as very minor anatomic variations. It is because the psychological impact of society (family, friends, collegues etc) or deeply emotional aspect of the issue as they may be teased since childhood or rejected/ditched by partner, or may be simply jealous of any friend etc. So they start to notice what is pointed by others instead of the real problem and arises the “influenced need”. To put it more simply, it can not always be logical that why a person is more concerned about his specific body part, sometimes there are emotional reasons behind that need. A plastic surgeon acts upon the expectations of the patients and educate them about the procedure they ask for. He never tries to divert their mind from one procedure to another but surely makes them understand how their problem can be solved and how realistic expectations can help them in decision making, obviously, by not forcing any plastic surgery on them.