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May 11, 2022

The Need of Body Contouring Surgery after Massive Weight Loss

A massive weight loss can be a result of Gastric bypass surgery, or even persistent efforts at diet and exercise, can also result in large amounts of weight loss. With this weight loss often comes a lot of loose and sagging skin (enlarged skin without volume) over many parts of the body. This has resulted in a number of body contouring procedures that removes this excess skin. We recommend our patients to wait until their weight has been stabilized to get the optimal results out of body contouring procedures and thats why such efforts at bariatric plastic surgery is not usually done for a year after gastric bypass to ensure that the weight loss is sustained and the patient’s metabolic state is stabilized. Body contouring after weight loss includes removing skin (and/or fat deposits) from Arms, tummy, thighs, uppor and lower back and as per patient’s requirement.

Below is the link of “Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal of American Society of PLastic Surgeons” where studies have shown that Body Cotouring Procedures not only help patients to enhance their physique and remove unwanted signs of weight loss but also maintain the long term effects of weight control. Click here to read full article- Plastic Surgery Improves Long-Term Weight Control after Bariatric Surgery