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May 11, 2022

One in Five Indians is Seriously Considering Cosmetic Surgery

The growth of cosmetic surgical procedures has been tremendous over the decade due to several factors. This is mainly due to the increased exposure to the globalization and self-awareness. When a country becomes rich and the average quality of life of its people is rising, people are inclined to focus more on their appearance with the increasing freedom of money and time. Cosmetic surgery developed further to satisfy women’s basic desire to be beautiful, for those willing to undergo cosmetic surgery to attain such beauty. One of the other major factors is that, we have left behind those days when cosmetic surgery procedures were said to be exclusively for “females”. With the easily accessible information and the availability of day care procedures at an affordable price, men have also started counting it in their favorite lists. More and more people are currently pursuing or planning to pursue plastic surgery, according to a new study commissioned by RealSelf, an online community devoted to cosmetic procedures.