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May 11, 2022

India is set to become no. 1 Medical Tourism Destination

As healthcare turns costlier in developed countries, cost arbitrage and availability of accredited facilities are drawing hundreds to India. Witnessing an annual growth of 30% in medical tourism, India set to become the no. 1 destination. From aggregating various options to offering value-added services such accommodation and sightseeing, professionals in the field are going to the extent of making a medical trip for a visitor as convenient as a vacation. While lower costs have always buoyed India’s position as a favoured medical tourist spot, cost is not the only reason for drawing people. Besides cost, it is the quality of care and a personalised experience. With non-metros like Lucknow offering lower rates for the same level of medical quality, care and service, the professionals foresee substantial growth in such cities. Though availability of direct flights has a significant bearing on the decision of the location, its not an issue for people to take one more connecting flight to reach Lucknow for the sake of its Nawabi era, finesse, amazing food and a unique mix of the ancient and the modern.