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May 11, 2022

Healthy Diet for the Festive Season

You’ve spent the last few months fighting winter and now its spring time known as eating-centred festive season. Winter makes you fat as you limit your physical activites and later it becomes difficult to shed those extra pounds. With spring fever, the beautiful blooming buds inspire you to take your health a step further, its perfect time to practice new healthy diet; different from what you were taking for last few months. A controled diet helps you to balance your intake and out take and in this festive season, you need to consider healthy eating to health-fully celebrrate the fun. Let us suggest you some secret tips that will help you to stay active and maintain your figure: Try ditching full-fat dairy products, grab small bites from the plates instead of whole piece of sweets, indulge yourself into games that involves physical activities, don’t arrive on a friend’s or relative’s place with a growling stomach (try taking smart snacks before you leave home, you’ll still be hungry enough to enjoy the food but not so hungry that you over-eat), Eat more fibrous food and last but not the least, include lots of fluid (water, juices, skimmed milk) in your diet. This way, you can enjoy the festive season without storing fat in your body.