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May 11, 2022

Cosmetic Surgery and Career

The news of “graduates having cosmetic surgery” has recently hit the newspapers in UK. A metro magazine reported that Chinese graduates were having cosmetic surgery to impress their interviwers. According to this news, one 24-year-old job hunter interviewed (wishes to remain anonymous) says: ‘When two candidates with similar ability compete for the same position, there’s no doubt that the interviewer will choose that prettier one.’ It is standard practice in China and almost in every part of the world to enclose a picture with your CV. The popular and most sought procedures are eyelid surgery to give Chiense people a western look and a nose job to get their facial features enhanced. These surgeries have ‘really changed something’ in their life as their confidence improved with the chances of landing their dream jobs. There is absolutely no doubt that cosmetic surgery improves the job prospects and candidate’s competetive power because they feel more confident about their looks. Cosmetic surgery not only makes the most of your appearance, but it also boosts self-esteem, which is key to successful job hunting.