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May 11, 2022

Breast Feeding Reduces chances of Breast Cancer

A recent study of breast cancer risk in India revealed that one in 28 women develops breast cancer during her lifetime. This is higher in urban areas (one in 22) compared to rural areas, where the risk is lower at one in 60 women. One of other reasons is- working women of urban areas hardly get time to breastfeed their baby due to their busy schedule. A fact revealed that women who breast-feed their baby for a year over their lifetime, not necessarily continuously, are five per cent less likely to develop breast cancer than those who don’t breast-feed at all, an analysis of cancer statistics by the World Cancer Research Fund found. The longer a woman breast-feeds, the lower her chances of getting the disease. It’s thought that breast-feeding lowers the levels of cancer-related hormones in the mother’s blood. When breast-feeding ends, the body gets rid of damaged cells that could turn cancerous. Though Breastfeeding invites sagginess in the breast but that can be resolved through an Aesthetic Breast Surgery later and we advice our clients to breastfeed their baby because its beneficial for mother & child both.