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May 11, 2022

Breast Augmentation Decision Making Porcess

Breast augmentation is one of the most rewarding body contouring procedures of all cosmetic surgeries. Woman have many choices of implant options, incision locations, implant placement and size considerations during the consultation, there are many decisions that a women has to make before her breast augmentation surgery. Women will also have other questions that relate to their recovery and the long-term effects. To help women organize their thoughts and make sure they make the right decision, I have listed few things below that a woman should check before making any decision-

1. You should do it for yourself and not for any other person or to fit any ideal image or under any kind of mental pressure.

2. What size of your breasts are right now and what size you want them to be? Your expectations should be realistic.

3. You should make sure that if you want only an augmentation or a lift along with it.

4. your need to assess few things by yourself-

a) The symmetry between both breasts, many woman have differnece in the sizes as a result of weight loss etc.

b). The shape, position & size of the nipples should be self-assessed beforehand, and should be informed to the doctor if you want any changes in that too.

c) If you can feel any lumps in your breasts, it should be informed to your surgeon.