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May 11, 2022

An Innovative Scar-less Approach in Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecosmastia (Male Breasts) usually requires no attention, unless patient feels uncomfortable or embarrassed due to aesthetic reasons. The gynecomastia surgery is basically sought for aesthetic purpose and such operation should not leave any tell-tale signs of the procedure. The established techniques that have been used to treat gyneocomastia are said to have relatively less patient satisfaction rate as they leave some visible scars or mild elevation over the nipple areola complex, resulting aesthetically unsatisfactory results. Even the slightest elevation or smallest incision over nipple areola complex leave patients in a dilemma of having a second intervention or causes self consciousness. We consider a trans-areolar incision to remove these tough glandular tissues to achieve flat chest and eliminate any elevation caused by fibro glandular component over the nipple areola complex. Our technique is relatively simple and retrieves any volume of the tough fibro-glandular breast tissue without leaving any visible scars on the nipple areola complex, unlike periareolar incision or other invasive techniques. Watch Video