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May 11, 2022

Aarthi Agarwal’s Death: Can Liposuction be fatal?

Telugu film actress Aarthi Agarwal’s recent tragic death is viral over the Internet space. The actress passed away reportedly after having liposuction about a month before her death. This tragic end her life led many liposuction seekers to doubt about the safety and success & utility of liposuction, and people are wondering how risky can it be. The Telugu actress, who had undergone a liposuction surgery about a month ago, died on Friday night, 5 June due a cardiac arrest following aggravated respiratory problems, as her manager and father informed the media. Earlier it was being rumoured that she died of complications post liposuction but the complications occurred with her are not particular complications of liposuction surgery entirely, this can happen to any such person who have a secondary health conditions (she reportedly had asthma and respiratory problems) after any surgical procedure and not specifically after liposuction. She had consulted with a Hyderabad-based plastic and cosmetic surgeon earlier and expressed her desire to go under the knife to look slim. The surgeon had turned her away, stating that she would not be benefited from liposuction because she had generalized fat in her overall body (such as intra-abdominal fat or fat in internal organs) and liposuction cannot remove fat from the whole body. Liposuction is suitable only for those who are otherwise healthy and fit but have localized deposits of fat in several areas of their body such as tummy, thighs and arms etc. Anybody having secondary health condition (such as asthma, thyroid) should not opt for liposuction until and unless the condition is well controlled and it becomes safe to undergo the surgery.