PRP Treatment for Hair loss

The most advanced Comprehensive & Customized Hair Restoration Methods offered today, are:

1. Conservative Medical Management (micro-injections using PRP)

2. Surgical Treatment (Hair Grafting)

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, also called Regenerative Injection Therapy- for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp. PRP contains several growth factors that may stimulates new growth and increases desity of the hair. it is a safe, effective, natural & convenient way of reversing hair loss and stimulating new hair growth. It’s almost painless, requires no hospital stay and has zero down-time. It is getting very popular these days and quite in-demand due to affordability and quick-ness of overall treatment.

If you’re concerned about hair loss and looking for affordable yet effective treatment, you can consider PRP. Fill the Enquiry Form here to get a customized quote.


Cosmetic Sugery Procedures on the Rise despite of the Pandemic

According to several International news reports, plastic surgeons around the globe are noticing a rise in people getting cosmetic surgeries during the covid-19 outbreak mainly because they can hide a facial surgery behind a mask or work from home. Another reason is that all the clinics and hospitals are taking even stricter measure of cleaning and frequent sanitation which for anyone opting to have a surgery. People say that they can “utilize” this as a great opportunity to recover at home after having a cosmetic surgery since most offices are either closed or allowing work from home due to pandemic.

We are also recording a significant increase in online enquires since we have provided an option to have online consultation (no cost) and get prepared for a medical trip in advance once the travel restrictions are lifted.


8 Ways Aesthetic Surgery Improves Your Health

Aesthetic Surgery is a part of plastic surgery, and many studies support the fact that aesthetic surgery doesn’t only imporoves your body but also improves your health in many ways. Here we are sharing 8 ways Aesthetic Surgery can improve your health:
1. Healthier Lifestyle (people often become more aware of fitness and lead a healthier lifestyle after an aesthetic surgery).
2. Pain Relief (breast reduction takes the load off your chest, leading to better posture and reduced back, neck and shoulder pain).
3. Improved Breathing (nose surgery corrects a deviated septum, hence improved breathing and better oxygen flow is ensured).
4. Improved Vision (droopy eyelids are fixed through blepharoplasty, results in better vision)
5. Healthy heart (fat removal lowers blood pressure and cholesterol).
6. Low Risk of Diabetes (low fat percentage through fat removal reduces insulin dependency, hence reducing risk of developing or worsening of diabetes)
7. Live Longer (all of these things can result in increased life expectancy).
8. Improved Confidence and self esteem (people become more involved in situations that previously seem intimidating).


Corona Virus Facts – What You Must Know about COVID-2019

Who needs to get tested?

India is in the stage-II which means there is no community transmission of the disease yet so NOT EVERYONE needs to be tested for COVID 19 as of now. But those who got in contact with people who’ve been tested COVID-19 positive and those with a history of travel to China, Italy or other high risk countires in last 14 days need to be tested and quarantined for 14 days.

The 14 days’ Quarantine Period

This is where our social responsibility and integrity is being tested. If people flee quarantine, hide or come out in the society, travel, go shopping then they will spread the infection in the community and we will slip into stage III and IV with alarming consequences.

When do you need to get tested?

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has come up with a very informative chart which will not only tell you whether you need to be tested but also provide you with a 24X7 helpline number 011-2397 8046

Act Responsible, Prepare but Don’t Panic

Spread awareness, not rumors and please stop forwarding everything without knowing the authencity, there is a lot of unsubstantiated and unscientific information claiming to be posted by WHO, UNICEF and host of other “authentic sources” gave gone viral and many are seen believing them and vouching for them. Don’t “forward as received”.

Stay alert, healthy and safe. Take Care.


Women’s Day- Not One Day’s Celebration

Happy International Women’s Day!

The history of celebrating women’s day dates back to 08th March, 1913.The day aimed to help nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women. It also focused on helping women gain full and equal participation in global development. The condition of women in our society has surely chaged a lot since then.

Let’s empower every women in our life (partner, family, relative, friends, neighbours, students, teachers and strangers too) by giving them the respect, love and equal opportunity they deserve. Women surely don’t need One special day to celebrate their existence, so let’s not limit this celebration to one day (08th March) and make it a habit to acknowledge their efforts towards making our lives better everyday, any day.


Summer Skin Care- Do this everyday to get Glowing Skin

Psst! we are not talking about costly spas visit or facials because, let’s admit, the internet is flooded by these things but everyone wants look beautiful with the help of natural tips (sepcailly if they come from a ASPS certified Plastic Surgeon) and we’ve got you. Keep on reading.

1. Moisturise, Moisturise and Moisturise- Proper moisturisation is the key to get glowing skin so please sure you apply good amount of water-based moisturiser after bathing to seal all the moisture in. Hydration inside-out is the key, so make sure to drink plenty of water and DO NOT substitute water with other fluids.

2. Apply Sunscreen- I cannot emphasize on this more! Application of good amount and quality of SPF (30 or higher) is a must during ALL Weathers, no Matter its cloudy, raining or sunny outside. Sun is always there to harm your skin, so do not forget the sunscreen whether you stay at home or step outside during the day.

3. Healthy Diet & Exercise- To get the glow that comes from wiithin, you need to take care of your body and skin from within because when you take care of yourself, it shows on your face. Eat lots of veggies, seasonal fruits and fibrous foods. And establish a healthy routine, by incorporating any of your favourite physical activity to your routine- be it playing badminton, dancing or swimming.

But if you have few minor imperfections (everyone has some, and that’s not a bad thing) that bother you and you want to do something about it- like getting a tummy bulge removed, or eye-bags that make you look older than your age, or may be a scar/mole at odd place to make you feel conscious, then you can get it addressed by scheduling a consultation with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon- Dr. R. K. Mishra.


Cosmetic Surgeries become Unique and Practical Gift for Valentine’s Day

For those who are celebrating this Valentine’s day with a partner

Surprise your Lady with A Gift that can Enhance her Beauty for Life.. A LIP AUGMENTATION makes the perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day 👄 Because there is no better time to get most Kissable Lips! 💋 Sweets, teddybear and clothes are boring!🧸🎁🎈💌🍫🥮

The trend is changing, and bold gifts (like a surprise Cosmetic Lip-Job, split earlobe correction, liposuction or Nose-Job) are so in!

Not in a relationship? Show some love to yourself

We all have some imperfections and its okay to have them but it doesn’t mean you have to accept them or live with insecurities associated with them. With progression in cosmetic surgery today, there are a variety of procedures available to correction physical imperfections like thin lips, or split ear lobe, thick lips, fat bulges over tummy, fatty arms or thighs, gynecomastia, nose shape, chin shape/size, breast size and eye bags etc. Don”t Live Another Day feeling insecure!


The Gift of Confidence for Valentine’s Day

Tradition of getting your significant other special Gift on Valentine’s Day has always been there, but the trend of giving boring gifts like sweets, flowers, cards or clothes is rapidly changing. With people getting more aware of their body image and cosmetic surgeries getting increasingly popular, Gift Ideas are taking an interesting twist. We know that our modern society puts great pressure on one’s body image, appearance and overall outlook, since physically attractive people get more easily welcomed professionally and personally. As a result, a new trend of “Gifting Cosmetic Surgery” procedures to loved ones is getting increasingly popular. Initially this change was only welcomed by western countries but since last few years, Indian Cosmetic Surgeons get sudden rise in demand of range of cosmetic surgery procedures nearer to the valentine’s day and it is noticed that people like to surprise their spouse with a gift of cosmetic surgery- a well deserved mommy-makeover, or daddy makeover or procedures like liposuction, nose job, lip-augmentation (there is no better time to get Kissable lips!), breast augmentation and abs-etching make best gift options as they provide permanent correction in that certain physical imperfection that made your better half feel conscious all the time so they feel more confident. Now, if you are looking for some “Gift-spiration” this Valentine’s day, give the “Gift of Confidence” to your better half.

Liposuction can precisely target fat cells beneath the skin anywhere you want: the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and many more areas! Results are long-term and with no downtime! The only thing you’ll feel is some gentle tugging (to give you aesthetic) and you’ll be asleep that makes it painless.

You may want to gift this one a few days early because it’s perfect to prepare for a significant occasion. We have no doubt your partner will fall in love with our range of minimally invasive procedures. Valentine’s dinner date, anyone?


Easy Process of eVisa promotes Indian Medical Tourism

India’s medical tourism sector is not just a source of growing foreign exchange but also prestige and goodwill coming from outside the country. Having supported medical tourism’s rapid growth, the government has issued a list of countries from all around the globe who are eligible to apply for eMedical Visa to allow more people come to India for their short medical treament like cosmetic surgeries. This means residents of any of these countries are excused from hassles of normal visa process as the application is completely ONLINE for any eVisa and even they are allowed to club the activities that are allowed under eTourist Visa and eMedical Visa which means they can enjoy sight-seeing and get their medical treatment on same visa. India has great reputation worldwide when it comes to quality medical treatment on low cost that remain main temptations, apart from beautiful sight-seeing places.


Is it possible to correct just the tip of your nose?

Plastic surgeons often get patients who are only concerned about a very specific part in their nasal structure, such as just the “tip” of it. Such patients wonder if there is any way to fix just the tip of their nose without disturbing any other parts of it as they feel their nose tip is not refined or not sharp enough or a bit bulbous; well the answer to this question is certainly positive but it varies patient to patient and depends on things like if the shape of the nostrils (width), height of the dorsal hump, overall width of nose is fine then tip plasty can be performed to correct the shape of the tip. This is very much doable and Dr. R. K. Mishra is an expert plastic surgeon in performing this surgey to get his patient maximum satisfaction.