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May 11, 2022

When is the “Right Time” for Cosmetic Surgery

Many girls and boys who have issues with the appearnce of their face (such as a nose that is too big or small or wide, chin that lack prominence or double chin, pouting or barely noticeable lips) or any other part of their body (such isolated fat pouches, scars, small breasts in girls or male breasts) and facing difficulty in their career growth, marriage etc due to this problem, are readily accepting Plastic Surgery as a permanent solution and best option to correct their facial flaws. Even parents are welcoming these procedures to enhance their child’s confidence level and beauty as well. In our country, we generally see patients who come to us right before the time when their marriage have fixed, or parents who want their daughters to look great at the day of their marriage. But one needs to understand that the result of Plastic Surgery usually show after 6-8 months after the surgical procedure so we advocate you to carry out the procedure such as Rhinoplasty or Genioplasty (or combined surgery) at least before 8-10 months and lip correction or dimples in cheek before 2-3 months prior to any events such as wedding ceremony, reception or any other social or a group events.