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May 11, 2022

What are Keloids (Raised Scars)

Keloids are those raised scars which refer to the overgrowth of skin tissue following an injury that keep developing with age. It is one of the overly obvious scar problems that bother patients in many ways. The extremity of keloid scars makes the issue a matter of research to the possibilities of treatments. Generally, keloids are not painful but they look ugly and patients are more concerned about getting rid of them due to aesthetic reasons. While many techniques have been used to treat difficult hyper-trophic scars, keloids do not respond to the conventional scar therapies such as excision, radiation etc and there remains quite high recurrence rate. The condition can develop in any individual but there are great chances of the development of keloids in those people who have a history of keloids in their family. It is advised that people who have tendency of developing Keloids should stay away from body piercing because their are great chances that progressive keloids can appear on the pierced site.