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May 11, 2022

The key to look young is to prevent yourself from looking old

If you ask anyone who is in their 40s, 50s or 60s but look youger than their actual age about how come their skin looks flawless, the most common answer will be: start taking good care of skin and protect it from the sun-light. This means applying good quality and quatity of SPF 30+ daily, using a sunscreen that includes zinc mechanical blocker and is free from oxybenzone chemical blocks is highly recommended for people ALL age groups to avoid early appearance of fine line, wrinkes and delay ageing. But do this religiously, eveen if the weather is cloudy because UV light is still there and keeps damaging the DNA of your skin (smoking does the same). And unfortunately, once the damage has been done, it is permanent. With damage skin comes the appearance of ageing spots (brown spots) and fine lies that are linked with old age.

But it better late than never. If you haven’t been taking care of skin, it’s never too late to start applying sunscreen regularly to prevent future DNA damage. Do not wait for the summer to start applying sunscreen, because SUN is Always THERE, in ALL weathers! No matter its cloudy, winters, fall or summer, Never leave your house without applying sunscreen on all the sun exposed parts of your body to save it from early ageing.