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May 11, 2022

The Bigger the better- Well, Not for Breast Implants

One of the many reasons of having breasts augmentation is that you want to get noticed by people, but you certainly do not want people to notice your enhancements. So, when it comes to breasts implants, “a little goes a long way” applies more aptly.

While choosing the breasts implants size, it is important to rememer that it’s not just about breast volume but the projection also. Today’s advanced implants are made in certain shapes that can add to the projection all the way around by adding volume to both at top and bottom parts of the breasts for a more natural looking shape (unlike what implants used to look decades ago- like two stuffed melons under your shirt! A big NO-NO). This is why if you choose a LOT bigger size implant with this effect, you might end up getting more than you bargained for in terms of overall aesthetics. Unnatural looking results is the TOP reason most women choose a revision surgery as the bigger size implants make a difference that is too obvious for everyone to notice. And, you want people to notice you, not your enhancements after all!

“Modest increase in breast size is usually what most women desire to achieve an ideally balanced figure, and smaller implant can have big impact” -Dr. R. K. Mishra