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May 11, 2022

Make a Healthy New Year Resolution

Do you know the meaning of ‘resolution’? It’s ‘solution,’ meaning you are solving a problem, with the prefix ‘re,’ which usually means again. We strive to solve a problem again and again and again and they tend to become empty promises to ourselves. Good health happens when the physical, emotional and social or environmental parts of our lives are in balance. When people resolve to ‘lose weight,’ they are actually saying, ‘I want to feel and look better. So this year, we challenge you to make a new kind of New Year’s resolution. For example- Today at lunch, instead of chips, you could buy an apple. Instead of watching TV to relax after work, you could do 15 minutes of yoga. Today, you’ll take the kids to the park instead of handing them a video game controller. Not all at once but one thing every day. No one is perfect. But what if every day, you made a pact with yourself to be a little bit better. If you enjoy something, you’re more likely to do it again. And meeting people who share your passion will help incorporate those healthy habits into your social life. That should be the start of your New Year’s resolution.