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May 11, 2022

Look 40 at your 50s, Naturally

Quit Smoking: There is no doubt that smoking is injurious to health in all ways, but did you knwo that smoking can make you look older than you age? The cigrettes/smoking pipes contain nicotine that causes the small vessels in the skin to contract, which “strangulates” the organs and deprives the skin of oxygen and its vital blood supply. Toxins from the tobacco enter the blood stream and are distributed throughout the entire body, as well. Those who are concerned about their appearance should be aware that smoking causes lip lines which is very difficult problem to fix later.

Don’t poke into acnes: We often get multiple scars related to acne on our face, particularly pitted scar and then many people try to “improve” them by picking, poking, and needling. This can lead to a worse infection. The end result is often scarring and hyperpigmentation, treatment of which often expensive and not guaranteed.

Don’t try anything and everything: Its not uncommon to have at least one friend/cousin/sister in law/aunty etc who is member of some beauty product providers and claims knows all about what’s good for your skin. They keep you giving beauty advices about the latest skin creams that can make you look gorgeous. They are even ready to buy the product for you and ship you on monthly basis. Keep your guard up with these people. Most often, these businesses are actually repackaging creams that are available over-the-counter. Only physicians can sell prescription strength products (and have peer-reviewed research behind them). Aestheticians spend months in the classroom to devote their livelihood to skincare, and are truly the experts when it comes to guiding your skin care regime.