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May 11, 2022

Five Tips to Stop Sagging Breasts

Sagging Breasts is something inevitable with Age! But you can reduce the amount of sagginess by following these simple tips:

Manage your weight: Weight gain or weight loss can affect your breast size. When a woman loses a lot of weight, the fat from her breasts also reduces but since her breast tissue cannot shrink, it appears to sag. It is recommended that women should maintain a staedy weight.

Quit smoking: Smoking is well known to cause wrinkles as it disturbs the aging process. The skin of smokers lose its elasticity and flexibility too early. Quit smoking so that your breasts don’t sag before time.

Choosing a Right Bra: When you do cardio or aerobics exercises, your body tend to bounce a lot, which may tear some of the supporting ligaments in your breast. This causes the breasts to sag. Wearing a sports bra with proper support during your workout will prevent them from sagging.

Proper Exercise: Push-ups help build the muscles behind the breast tissue and makes them firm. Besides, it is also a good exercise to tone the upper body and will delay the sagging in the breasts.

Massage: Massages are vital to maintain and improve skin elasticity. Though it cannot restore the firmness of the breasts (only a proper mastopexy can restore the cleavage and reduce lose skin) but its good for breasts’ health.