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May 11, 2022

Do the Tummy Shapers Really Work?

Tummy shaper, bodysuit, shaping top, tummy-tucker, extended-brief and waist slimmer etc. are some Fancy names for shapewears.
A shapewear is worn under the dress as a temporary means of altering the shape of the body, and gives an illusion of a flat stomach and a curvy waist (hourglass figure, as the ads claim). But how useful they actually are? 🤔 Let’s get in to it! 🧐

These elasticised garments claim to reduce the body to fit into one to three sizes smaller, instantly. However, the effect is temporary and long term use can do some serious damage to the body, such as:

Weaken Abdominal Muscles- The abdominal muscles work as an INSIDE support for our abdominal wall that holds the FLAT shape of the tummy. It is the same muscles that get loose (sometimes separated) during major weight loss and/or pregnancy. With regular exercise and a healthy diet, you can improve the muscles’ strength again, but it takes time (years may be!). A shapewear may be your rescue when attending a social event to help hide the tummy flab, but if you use it regularly, you are telling your abdominal muscles to stop doing their job (i.e. provide internal support) and depend on the OUTSIDE support provided by the shapewear. This way, those muscles will never return to their normal, tighter position!👎

Apart from that, the constant outside pressure can also affect your lung function, digestion, bowel movements, blood circulation and bladder function, and can cause numbness and meralgia paresthetica (compression of peripheral nerves in the thighs and causes tingling, numbness and pain).

Final Verdict- If you want to wear these shapers occasionally (like for parties etc.) then it should be okay, but beware not to make these your short-cut to get a flat tummy because there is no substitute to a healthy lifestyle 🏃‍♂️