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May 11, 2022

Body Contouring is More than Aesthetic Surgery

Dramatic & massive weight loss, whether achieved by continuous exercise and proper diet or bariatric surgery brings unavoidable hanging skin over various parts of our body, particularly on tummy, arms, thighs and sagging breasts which certainly looks aesthetically undesirable. Once you reach your weight loss goals, you may find that you still don’t have the fit and healthy body image you desire as skin may be loose, sagging making your body contours appear irregular and inharmonious. Once skin is stretched to its limit, it never shrinks back to its normal position again and doesn’t settle down on its own due to loss of tone, elasticity and age factors, and that’s where body contouring rushes to help. Besides this, the most common problems in these people are not only psychological impacts due to unaesthetic appearance, but also physical issues including inter-trigo (redness and bruising due to rubbing of skin), bad odour due to sweating and bacterial contamination, which are improved through body contouring. Just like when we alter our cloths due to changes in our shapes and sizes after massive weight loss, our skin also needs to be altered. Body contouring helps in eliminating sequential negative impacts over patients who give up dieting or exercising due to being mentally tired of their unattractive physique even after trying hard for losing weight with so many efforts.