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Wisdom is the abstract of the past but beauty is the promise of the future, let us help you to Discover the secrets of Aesthetic Surgery.....

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon in Lucknow 

Physical appearance is an important aspect of modern life. While there are no class dividing lines between “normal” and “abnormal” looks, studies have shown that attractive people perform more successfully and are accepted more readily by others, be it in professional life as well as social or personal life. Modernization and changing lifestyles have made people realize the necessity for self improvement. It’s amazing how complete the delusion that beauty is goodness!

The past is the past. But we as Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in Lucknow  believe that under the right condition like cosmetic surgery, people can change their past. Cosmetic Surgery offers a second chance & the opportunity to defy both the calendar & genetics. If you’re dissatisfied with your appearance, you may be interested in cosmetic surgery not only to look better but also to feel better. It is a common misconception that cosmetic surgery always involves use of artificial material. It’s a big confusion. In fact, most of the cosmetic surgery procedures remodel your own tissue, rather than using an artificial material, unless absolutely necessary. Cosmetic Surgery Lucknow (also called Nip & Tuck and Aesthetic Surgery) helps in enhancing physical beauty, improves self esteem and increases self confidence. Redefine your Desire and Embrace Life!



A Complete Plastic Surgery in Lucknow

Aesthetic surgery has gained extreme popularity in recent times and is no longer the domain of celebrities. Beauty enhancements methods, beyond being a way of aesthetic improvement, involve advanced and intricate procedures. Even though heredity, diet and exercise play an important role in shaping up your body, AESTHETIC BODY SCULPTURING can be the only way to cut out a perfect figure, be it a man or woman. For instance, a liposuction procedure could get you the shape you want in lesser time and with the least effort. At SIPS Superspeciality Hospital, We pride ourselves on our considerate advance to your exclusive needs prior to, subsequent to and throughout the surgical procedure.



“Cosmetic Surgery isn't about changing the body that God gave us, it is about restoring what has been lost during the effects of ageing and gravity”

We are appreciated in the therapeutic neighborhood with a mounting list of satisfied clientele. We maintain utmost privacy specific to our patient’s information and ensure that you have great medical service package at affordable price while you are here for your cosmetic procedure. The principal focus in Dr. R. K. Mishra’s medical practice has always been on his patient’s safety, confidentiality and obtaining optimal results.

Plastic Surgery's Did You Know ?

Is it normal to exercise like crazy and still have tummy bulge?

Exercise is not the only factor when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Even if you log several hours exercising each week, you most certainly can have belly bulge due to other factors like stress/mental wellbeing, hormones, age, sleep and diet etc. But if your lifestyle already consists of a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, and mental well-being and still have the belly bulge then the “separated abdominal muscle, hanging skin with reduced elasticity” might be the cause. This situation often comes in most women’s life after childbirth and major weight-loss.  And if this is the situation in your case, you cannot “spot-reduce” the tummy bulge even if you add 100 crunches to your daily workout. It clearly needs additional help.

If you want to know what is causing stubborn tummy bulge in your case, consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. R. K. Mishra and you may benefit from a little additional “help” in the form of tummy-tuck.

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Plastic Surgery News & Developments

Cosmetic Sugery Procedures on the Rise despite of the Pandemic

According to several International news reports, plastic surgeons around the globe are noticing a rise in people getting cosmetic surgeries during the covid-19 outbreak mainly because they can hide a facial surgery behind a mask or work from home. Another reason is that all the clinics and hospitals are taking even stricter measure of cleaning and frequent sanitation which for anyone opting to have a surgery. People say that they can "utilize" this as a great opportunity to recover at home after having a cosmetic surgery since most offices are either closed or allowing work from home due to pandemic.

We are also recording a significant increase in online enquires since we have provided an option to have online consultation (no cost) and get prepared for a medical trip in advance once the travel restrictions are lifted.

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