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Sai, Hyderabad
“ I am very thankful to you, Doctor. You have given me a new life and I will never forget what help did you provide me. Also, I will always be thankful to all the staff of SIPS who took care of me so well during my stay.”
Sunny, Gurgaon
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Mishra and his wonderful team at SIPS for everything since beginning. Everyone has been so supportive and caring & made the experience really comfortable and exhilarating. Dr. Mishra was very calm and assuring during the consultation. He helped me to feel positive and relaxed about the surgery. A big Thank you.”
Shazia, Lucknow
“I went in for a consultation with Dr. R. K. Mishra for a rhinoplasty and septoplasty. He and his staff are very nice and professional. Dr. Mishra answered all my questions and concerns I had about the procedure. I wanted a nose that went well with my other features and doesn't look over-done. I had the surgery last year, it looks great, I can't ask for a better looking nose, no one can tell that I had a surgery and my breathing improved a lot too. I highly recommend him. Thanks Doctor!”
Yogesh Yadav, Barielly
“I was living in depression due to excessive fat on my abdominal area and chest that looked ugly and embarrassing. But when I consulted to Dr. R. K. Mishra, I came to know that not only this fat bulges can be removed without any major surgery but I could get six pack abs like Amir Khan or a muscular chest like Shahrukh Khan. I went with his advice and underwent "Ab-Etching + Male Breasts Correction" surgery in feb, 2012. Now My tummy looks great with distinctive abs. I feel happy. Thanks doc.”
Vaibhav, Lucknow
“Dr RK Mishra at SIPS gives that comfort & Assurance. My best wishes, best everything for him are even less to express what I actually feel.”
Himanshu, India
 “Dear friends. sips hospital has the best allover staff, best..”
Mohd. Imran, Saudi Arabia
“The best Facilities, the best Infrastructure, the best Staff, the best Treatment, and last but not the least very best Doctor. They really take care of you.......at the end of the day u will definitely realize this. I always recommend my known ones this hospital only...My best wishes are always with Dr. Mishra”
Khushboo, Kanpur
“Very ethical doctor, caring staff and excellent infrastructure... My best wishes to them..”
Johny Joe, Tamilnadu
“Loss of Hair or even a Bald look suits some like Yul Bryner or our own Anupam Kher. For most like me, it does not suit at all. At 29, with 30 % of the hair from the front and top region of the scalp disappeared within a short span of 3 years , I had the choice of either accepting this changed look or to take a look at the new technology widely advertised in daily newspapers. Hair tonics and herbal treatment failed in my case. Hair Transplant, promised that natural look appropriate to my age. I had my doubts whether at my age the transplant would be sucessful. Infact, my first visit to a well known tricologist clinic was discouraging for same reasons. A casual discussion on this treatment with our Company's medical officer, led to the introduction of Dr. R. K. Mishra. In my very first meeting with him, he confidently declared that the transplanted hair will definitely grow and one sitting would be enough to cover the necessary frontal look. I took the plunge and have never regretted it. The actual growth is noticeable only after 3 months. By the 5th month, the new hair blends perfectly with the old. This treatment although not cheap is definitely gratifying and brings in the change for the better. That feel good look and feeling, in our second innings makes it worth it. Strongly recommended to all Balding Brethren ..... regardless of their age.”
Sukriti, Mumbai
“I am very obliged to you as you have eradicated my accidental and stitched scars. Previously, I and my family used to have lot of insecurity about my future but now, I am not at all worried. My chin, lips and upper nose portions have been treated by you and now they are in beautiful shape. I was so happy by my treatment that i started my new treatment from her, i.e. pigmentation of nose. Now even this treatment is giving me fruitful results. Thanks sir, you are the best doctor and human being too. Thanks for everything.”
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